The Stargazer

By Elessar Taralom on July 2nd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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28 6
3 0
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In her Dream Solana saw the night sky. The moon and the stars were her companions in the long while before she awoke and as a Sylvari born to the night, they were also the first things she saw when she opened her eyes. The sky welcomened her with all the little lights she knew from instinct and made sure she felt right at home.
For years she was barely up during the day and instead stayed up all night gazing at the sky. Every night the desire to learn grew; just looking at the stars wasn´t enough for her anymore. That´s when Solana decided to leave the Grove and join the Durmand Priory, where knowledge and the desire for science where the credos.
She studied astronomy and also dipped into the more obscure arts of astrology and she learned to name all the lights in the sky above. Easily one of the most eager students the Priory had ever seen she didn´t hesitate one second when she was offered to visit the Crystal Desert for research and traveled all the way to Elona where the most honored astrologists were seated.
Solana immediately felt right home between the Eastern scholars and their extensive libraries and hasn´t felt the need to return to Tyria ever since.

Hey guys,
it has been a while since my last upload (for my standards at least :P) and I want to present my elementalist! I was able to get two Zodiac skins a while ago and I already crafted some looks around them. This was the one I got the Zodiac skin for. Since the skins always had a little Arabic feel to it, I really wanted to make a beautiful scholar.
The Glorious armour set always felt very appealing to me, especially the headpiece and the legs which I saw way too rarely in game! For me they really combine elegance and that special Eastern touch I was looking for, so they were the perfect choice.
With the dyes I tried to mirror the Zodiac weapon as close as possible. The character also has a bright yellow glow for that reason.
I hope you enjoy her ^^

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Fashion Guru
Such a beautiful, beautiful Sylvary!
I always love scholar looks and I think you nailed it here big times!
The armour mix is so beautiful and stunning I really love the headpiece and it's nice to see this chestpiece in combination with the skirt which is something I've never seen so far.
The dyes are spot on and I see how you managed to create a nice scheme around the Zodiac weapons that are fitting just perfectly here.
The mixture between blue and gold always was and is one of my favourites and I really like the different blue tones here.
You managed to match the skin colour and your glowing to the overall look and I love her cutesie face. She surely looks a friendly and wonderful creature x3
The screens are breathtaking, every single on of them. I get a orientalic vibe and I simply love it. Those locations are wonderful and the diverse shots you took are more than awesome!
For such an outstanding and beautiful job you really deserve all the Gold I have x3
2016-07-02 9:43

Fashion Guru
simply love this
an outfit worthy of the zodiac weapons I have to say
I always like when people bring in different cultural inspirations and you are kinda the king of cultural inspired looks
your screens are really atmospheric, your story is great and all the other weapons you chose for the look really round it up
2016-07-02 10:41

Very nice look for the Zodiac staff and Meteorlogicus!
The theme is really well done! It has some sort of mystery, yet looking like a scholar!
Your screens are perfect as always! Love the mainscreen, that door looks very cool :O
Have another Gold ;D
2016-07-02 11:56

Fashion Guru
I love your weapon choices for this look.
The dyes you chose are a wonderful match to the weapons
She seems so light and airy like she could just float up to the stars
Your screens are wonderufl. I love the first one with the globe
The armor fits her so well ... She looks so regal with the glorious crown like shes mastered her profession
2016-07-02 11:59

love her, so amazing!
2016-07-02 12:50

Fashion Guru
As always I love your Sylvair!
2016-07-03 15:13

The screenshors are very very good, some are very similar but however I like them all ^^
The thing I like about the look is the armor combination, those leggings are not too common to be seen.
The only thing I don't like at all or I would change at least is the light blue dye from the hood to match with the rest of the blue dye.

Good job!
2016-07-05 17:18

Since we talked about it yesterday, I really like this look.
The cmobination of armor is so pretty, I especially like the leggins here. The dyes suit the zodiac weapons so good and the legy is also a great choice.
Screens are amazing of course and really make her look like a scholar :)
2016-07-07 7:00

Brilliant. So many different weapon skins too and you managed to fit them all so perfectly.
2016-07-08 0:22

So beautiful Elessar ! I think it's a perfect look to go with the zodiac staff ! I love the astrology theme and the legi scepter and all the other weapons fit perfectly to the theme.
Also I love the chest/legs combo and the use of this headpiece ! As usual the screens are amazing and beautiful and really reflect the astrology theme.
Goooold ! ;)
2016-07-08 8:39

I love Zodiac weapons so so much!!!
But here are also armor parts I normally don't like but you make me I love them :D
Beautiful, musteriouls look, like she is closer to the stars ;)
2016-07-09 5:29

Fashion Collector
2 ornate + 2 glorious pieces in a simple and beatiful masterpiece. Gold from me.
2016-07-13 12:38

Fashion Guru
Ooooh, congrats on the meteorlogicus! I always wondered what a set like this would look like with an astralaria - Too bad you can't do a scepter/axe look, right? I really like this color combo though, nice job!
2016-08-02 0:58

always nice to see people craft a look around a legy, having kind of a hard time with my minstrel; that damn thing won´t fit anywhere haha
2017-05-15 10:32

Ana B
I've made my account today and I was taking a peek at some looks and I've stumbled across this one and OMG *.*
I have to say I'm a huge fan of Meteorlogicus and it's really nice to see some people recognize its value and put together such great looks. :3 The screenshots are mesmerizing and how you've picked just the right spots for your screenies to express the idea you had in mind which you also so well explained in your description. Really breath taking! gold from me :3
2017-09-20 12:27