Venimi Meer

By Venimi on June 30th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
11 2
1 0
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For years, members of House Meer enjoyed the nobility status and took pride in their complete dedication to the Ascalonian Royal Family, as well as unparalleled proficiency in the dark arts, a discipline not really popular among the higher spheres, or any other spheres for that matter. Despite the crises and tragedies that fell upon their homeland, the family survived and even preserved its status after finding refuge in Kryta, where they've been residing ever since, serving its royals with the same devotion they once shown towards the Ascalonian rulers.

Many would consider bearing a renowned ancestor's name a burden, but young Venimi would rather see that as a challenge, fueling the urge to prove herself worthy of being called after one of the heroes that participated the world changing events which took place after the Searing. Continuing the family tradition of mastering the deathly arts, the necromancer hopes that one day her deeds in the face of new threats will earn her a prominent place in the family chronicles.


Hello everyone! o/
There's no better occasion for a little makeover than getting a whole new set of armor, so here I am with my necro main. Even though I don't like the Leystone set as a whole, its single elements blend really well with other pieces. The shoes clip a bit with the pants but fortunately the dyes are dark enough to make it almost unnoticeable :D


Fashion Collector
Interesting mix. Her look with these gear pieces gives her a countess appearance, kinda elitist.

The color scheme is well executes. Dark tones without falling in just black-ish dyes.

One of my "but" would be the choice of weapons. Yes, I know Dawn is very stylist, but something different would be nicer. Legendaries don't use to fit in most of concepts.

And another "but" is the lack of description. I won't be tired repeating it: even a small history is very appreciated.

With all, good first entrance.
2016-07-01 11:32

This is a great look!
I love the gothic-like appearence and you armor-comb looks nice in general! Its also nice to see that you didnt go full shadow abyss ;D
Even though the colours are quite dark they are still very pretty and tasteful!
Your screens are very nice too! You should try playing with the camera options though! They will enable you to take fullbody screens from very close and also vary with the composition (like your character standing on the side of the picture).
What i dislike a bit are Dawn and the chaos weapons. They dont really fit the look imo, so i think you should go for more suitable skins.
Anyway, nice style overall! Gold from me :D
2016-07-01 12:47

Fashion Collector
Aha! I see you took note about the weapons choice and changed some of the screenies.

Indeed, the new choice is a lot better. I know Shadow skins are pretty logical option, but I'm glad to see you went for Skybringer, breaking a bit this dark aura.

After this, I upgrade my vote to a deserved gold. GJ.
2016-07-01 21:42

Well, I didn't want to reply before I was done with the changes, but I'll do it now anyway. First of all, Cambeleg and Hylek, thanks for the critique! Also, big thank you for reminding me that something like camera options tab exists, I know it's dumb but I never really had to use it before and completely ignored it ;-;
As for the weapons - I'm glad that Shadow skins look well on screenshots since they annoy me a bit ingame - they always fluctuate between purple and red and look way better with my other, a bit more purplish, armor set. About GS, I guess simplicity was the way to go in this case. Chaos weapons, well... I know they don't go well with the armor, I just like them way too much. However, I'll probably update the look next week once I get some more suitable skins.
Also, regarding the story/description - I promise I'll add it soon, I just have to sit and write down the backstory I have for her in my head :D
2016-07-01 22:39

Wow, the chest and leggins go so well together!
I love how she looks cool with the leystone leggins and also very elegant with the chestpiece.
The dark dyes work perfectly since they look sinister but still show the details of the armor.
I really love her with the skybringer, it just fits perfect imo.
I don't know, what changes you made, but as it is now, it's awesome.
Gold! :)
2016-07-02 7:16

Elessar Taralom
Oh wow, what a cool look! It has such a gothic, dark vibe to it that it just really appeals to me!
The Incarnate Mask just always gets me, it simply looks great, and I also really like the rest of the armour; it is really gracious and just looks pretty!
Also really adore the colour choices here as it really adds to the Gothic vibe
The screen in the top row to the right is my absolute favourite one and overall you did some really nice work
Gold ^^
2016-07-02 7:30

Glad to see someone likes the Incarnate Mask as much as do, thank you! ^^
2016-07-03 12:21 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thank you! \o/
I just changed the GS skin(Dawn -> Shadow -> Skybringer, seems that the simples option was the best) added more weapons and made new screenshots once I realised that camera settings do exist :)
2016-07-03 12:27 in reply to NanaItalia