Vigil Frontline Chronomancer

By Fataij on June 27th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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With the introduction of the Chronomancer profession and their ability to carry shields, I thought I need a look more suited for sustained melee fighting. The Vigil is an order who is famous for facing enemys directly, so I shaped my look around their armor.


It's a good armour mix, I just wish there was one more colour to make it stand out more. You have three dye channels in most of your items, maybe try three colours?
2016-06-27 9:59

Fashion Collector
Almost monochrome. In most of the pics, I have issues for noticing the details of the clothes or the skin.

The mix chest-pants is overused, but well, I can pass this detail. What I can't, is about using these shoulders, that are off the "feng shui" of the concept.

For me, it doesn't derserve -right now- more than bronze.
2016-06-27 18:37

Fashion Guru
I rarely give silvers and would love the chance to change it to a gold :)
I also have a hard time getting past the shoulders and gloves.
Although the overall look is good the other armor choices you have is more streamlined and the shoulders and gloves seem a bit bulky to me. :3
More screens would be great and choose a brighter color to highlight some of the armors high points would also be welcomed.
Its a good start!
2016-06-29 20:37