The Dark Traveler

By jesandsteven on June 23rd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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She belonged to the Cycle of Night. Many of these Sylvari are inclined to be solitary, preferring to travel alone. They are often secretive, self-contained, and quiet. It didn't take much for her to embrace the darkest parts of her nature, relishing in a terrifying nightmare that contains as much horror as the Dream holds inspiration...

I finally upgraded my necro to reaper :D I could not resist using the Reaper Hood to update my little necro's look. I also acquired the Arah weapons and based my dye scheme on this set. The staff IMO went well with the concept. I changed my top from my previous look. Chosen for the complimentary blue stones. The gloves were chosen for a less delicate feel and to bring in the blue stones again. The shoulders, leggings, and boots remain from my previous look, only the dyes were changed. And of course a complete makeover. Like most of my looks she is my take on a commonly used theme :)


You did blue and teal better than I ever could. Pure gold!
2016-06-23 23:47

Fashion Collector
gold :D (I feel like I give all sylvaris gold these days wtf. the salads are taking ova). Anyways I love how you used this top with the cultural/leaf pieces. It goes very well together! looks like a dress
2016-06-24 5:53

Fashion Guru
she's very beautiful! i love your dyes and screenshots. gold :D
2016-06-24 10:54

Clearly a gold for this one^^
I really like the blue you used in the armor and it fits ther weapons very well. Aslo I love the chestpiece. I see it rearly used and it looks so fitting here :)
2016-06-24 14:57

Very beautiful colors and sylvari, good mix with a nice use of this top, perfect choice of weapons, and cool screens. Have my gold !
2016-06-25 9:55

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the kind words all! :)
2016-06-25 14:43

Fashion Collector
Nice screens ;)
2016-06-26 7:42

Fashion Guru
Thanks :D
2016-06-26 12:18

Elessar Taralom
I simply adore the colour mix you chose for this sylvari, it looks really amazing
I often find myself having a hard time when it comes to dark sylvari, but you mastered this task perfectly!
At first the armour mix seemed a little random to me, but the more I look at it, the more I do like it! It´s nice to see some more experimentation apart from full cultural armour, I appreciate that!
Gold 1^^
2016-06-28 15:29

Fashion Guru
A clear gold for this one!
The dyes you used are fantastic!
Love that blue and your screens!
go many golds lol
2016-06-29 20:46

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much :)
2016-06-29 22:49 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
2016-06-29 22:49 in reply to Purgatori