The Leather Goblet

By Amben on June 23rd, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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7 2
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This look was originally inspired by the Tamini in GW2.
I focused on using some pieces that weren't seen too much with light armor.
And the Mask of the Silent in my opinion brings the look together.
Let me know what ya' think about it. ::)


This is actually really cool. The one thing I'd like to see here? More screens out in the wilds of Kryta.
2016-06-23 23:48

The armor-comb and idea is absolutely great!
I feel you could use some more variety in colours. You dont have to throw in wild stuff, but maybe some lighter brown or grey to mix it up a little more?
Also i agree with Kestrel, more screens would be really appreciated! There are cool tribal places in Harathi Hinterlands. The Jaka Itzel in VB also has amazing tribal screening locations!
This look could become Gold in an instant, but id really like to see some more screens before i rate so. Silver for now.
2016-06-24 5:45

The fact it's not the typical, diabetes-inducing cute that most Asura's are in this site and in-game, is a plus for me.
2016-06-24 6:59

Thank you for your comment. I heavily took into consideration everything you suggested and hopefully you are happy to find that I updated the images on the look. :)
2016-06-24 11:28 in reply to Hylek

Yeah - I've never really been a fan of the ugly anime rats running around in the game. Thank you for your comment! :)
2016-06-24 11:29 in reply to Martellus

Im definitely satisfied now! ^^
The new screens are very nice. Love the one where shes fiering herself with the catapult!
I can give you my Gold in peace now ;D
2016-06-24 14:06

Very unique and different asura. I love the armor, the colors and the face with the mask. Amazing! Gold :)
2016-06-24 19:21

Fashion Guru
There really need to be more primitive looks on the site. Everything about this works great with the whole set, and awesome choice with the asura there - the big wide eyes really completed this set!
2016-08-02 1:01