By Alilinke on June 18th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
8 7
4 1
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Lonicerra - My healing Druid wearing a mix of cultural tier 2 and 3. She can’t eat vanilla cake with chocolate icing.


Elessar Taralom
Really amazing colours, they work extremely well with the Bifrost!
The armour mix isn´t too much out of the ordinary, but Sylvari armour creates the best colour blends after all ^^
Nice work!
2016-06-18 11:16

Fashion Guru
The dyes are excellent! I'm normally not one for bright, flashy colors yet I find myself liking your color choice here.
Yeah, there isn't much variety in the armor mix, but I understand the struggle it can be to find a good sylvari armor mix.
All-in-all, nice look!
2016-06-18 12:28

Its a very nice cultural sylvari style!
It might not be the most original one, but it looks pretty nonetheless! :D
I absolutely LOVE your main pic! The colours of the mosaics of the windows in the background blends in perfectly with your colours! Id love to see some more pics with these :O
Your other screenshots are still stunning and beautiful!
lovely character and a fitting outfit for the legi!
2016-06-18 14:57

Every armor piece is from the same armor and there's no screenshot that shows her from the back.
2016-06-18 20:47

Fashion Collector
Your dyes work so well here with Bifrost! makes me even more hyped to make my own bifrost(just gift of fortune to go) :D on top of that your sylvari looks adorable. I would not use that backpiece though. It doesn't really fit in. Your screenshots are so magical *-* you make me want to make another sylvari.... damnit.
2016-06-19 5:37

Fashion Collector
I've never been very possitive about this kind of looks, but... you worked very well the color scheme. And maybe for first time, I don't dislike the use of a legendary!

Good job.
2016-06-19 10:17