Emerald Guard

By Fioletowy on May 31st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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1 2
3 0
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It was supposed to be a regular patrol for private Fioletowy (Violet), and that's what would happen if hi did not find a strange footprint.
-Reds again hang around the area, I have to do something about it!
Fioletowy began to follow the trail, at first carefully and with caution, however, as he approached the enemy he began to speed up more and more. At some point tightening in the full speed he fell right into an ambush
- Butterfly leg (light vulgarism in Polish), of course, that this could have been expected - said private
Fortunately not lose his composure and went straight into battle. In the confusion he forgot that instead of weapons he keeps pennant of his own unit in hands.
He was a good swordsman so when finally he drew the sword, fight ended quickly and without loss. At least on the green regiment side, reds lost more than combative elemental - it turned out that the on the spot there was also their banner.
Shortly after returning from patrol and passing the acquired flag (with appropriately colored story) came promotion to the rank of corporal (with brand-new epaulettes)

This is my first approach to the presentation of appearance. Cover and end the album made with epaulettes other than section illustrating the story (I got them as a reward for the execution of the mission). On "story" pics there're Banded Pauldrons
Made in the Living World Hidden Arcana mission.
By coincidence, it turned out that the mix of armor and dyes, which I set literally five minutes earlier, ideally suited to the emerald-green locations mission.
I apologize for any mistakes - English is not my native language


Hm, I understand the meaning of your story, but I don't really get the details^^'
I really like the combination of gold and green on your armor and the armor combo itself looks pretty cool, too.
It is kind of a fancy and simple look at the same time :)
I think you should try to take some close up screens of him, if possible.
Your look itself it really cool, but it lacks a bit in presentation in the screenshots in my oppinion ;)
2016-06-01 7:22