The Little Cultist that Could

By Rajayali on May 31st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
14 2
2 0
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A necromancer of Elonian descent with strong ties to Order of Whispers. Sometimes ruthless, sometimes creative, but always curious and power-hungry. Overall, a not very pleasant individual to be around. Mainly due to the spikes and blades. Oh and also due to the fact, that he constantly tries to outdo himself when it comes to summoning bigger and scarier stuff. He is quite proficient at that. However, keeping the summoned stuff in check? Well, that is a whole other story.
Any feedback/suggestions are appreciated.


this looks super badass!
while i was never really fond of that leg piece, it looks sooo cool in here! those nickel-toned metal parts really stand out and look awesome.
and the chestpiece looks really nice with that hood (especially where it clips).
i love armor mix and dyes, so gold!
i dunno if you forgot or something, but you should specify your armor and dyes :P
2016-05-31 10:58

Fashion Guru
Before I rate your look: specify your armour and dyes, please! You can also add the weapons your chose. These little basics are always very important when it comes to presenting your look. By having a better look at the different armour skins and dyes you used we have a better chance to rate your look properly!

Now to the look: I am digging this evilish and kind unpleasent necromancer of yours and I think you did a very good job creating this armour.
I like the mixture between the bladed top and the bottompiece and I think the order of whispers- hood adds a more interesting touch to your whole look. Overall I really like the combo and the dyes are looking neat, as well.
I really love your screens! They are all telling the story of this character in such a good way and I think you did a very, very good job over here.
You really deserve some gold for this one but unfortunately you are one slot away from that and this one is the easiest- specify your armour xD Because this is the only "flaw" right now
2016-05-31 11:28

Fashion Collector
Ah, yes, the armour, I forgot about that since I uploaded 4 looks in one sitting, this one was the last :D I am on it now!
2016-05-31 11:37 in reply to AnaChronism

Fashion Guru
No biggy, better late than never ^^ Now it's definately a gold from me!
2016-05-31 11:42 in reply to Rajayali

Elessar Taralom
Wow, love this! For real, you made such a convincing cultist look and the armour pieces you chose feel like they belong to one set, yet they donĀ“t!
Love the dyes, they are a brilliantly executed take on a kinda common theme, but you really made it work for you
The screens with the candles are brilliant and I loved this look the most from all the ones you uploaded recently!
Gold ^^
2016-05-31 12:13

Fashion Collector
Thank you! And the armour pieces and dye choices: it kinda snowballed as the time went :D
2016-05-31 13:01 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Dang its amazing to see how you pull off such unique looks!
The pieces fit together perfectly and your colour-scheme is amazing!
The whole concept and appearence are just stunning!
*throws even more Gold*
2016-05-31 13:02

Fashion Collector
2016-05-31 16:26 in reply to Hylek

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
reminds me of the whispers back in gw1 which i for this amazing matchup
2016-06-01 6:15

Amazing armor combo. There are so much details!
I even like the black-red-white dyes here, and I usually don't, so great job. I definitly get some elonian vibes from him :)
2016-06-01 7:11

Fashion Collector
Thanks a lot!
2016-06-01 9:10