The Secret Gardener

By Acethyle on May 30th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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You must have already wondered: How can your garden be so beautiful with such an abundant greenery? Who takes care of it while you aren't home? Or who makes it beautiful, flowery, and plenty of fruits and vegetables ? And all of this while you don't even take care of it. Well... It's certainly not a mere coincidence.

You should thank the secret gardener for that. This strange and shy creature truly have a green thumb and can work wonders. She can grow an abundance of fruits and vegetables in a snap, and make the flowers litteraly bloom everywhere in your garden. She can also make them so fragrant that you won't be able to get over it. No ones really knows where she comes from, or what is her true nature. The legend says she lives in a otherworldly land, where prevail plants and trees. She comes visiting and taking care of neglected gardens to make them healthy and resplendent again. With a mischievous look and pointed ears, she would look like a kind of pixie or elf.

But don't even think of trying to have a glimpse of her through your window, or find her in your garden. She is such a timid and fearful living being, that she would run away and disappear. But above all, you shouldn't try to approach her on a full moon night. Because, according to the same legend, although this sprite can be very kind and harmless most of the time, her true impish nature seems to get back on top when the full moon arrives. And then, you better stay locked in your house. Indeed, this time you won't even need to bother finding her. She is the one who will find you. Armed with her twin sickles she will come, but not to take care of your plants. Instead of that... She will tear apart your body.


Hello :-)

I'm happy to present you this new look. I wanted to create a kind of pixie or imp on my sylvari. The concept is a pixie gardener, keeper of flowers and vegetables. A usually kind creature, but evil during full moon nights ! ^-^

The wizard hat really inspired me, and for this sylvari look, I didn't want a full plant armor, but something different, that could still remind of the garden and the nature. I went for brownish and fall colors, to match the shoulders and staff better. I chose the illustrious chest to make it a bit more original, and sophisticated, to add a more refined aspect to the look, like she could be a noble gardener.
And the rascal gloves that I dyed green, to make them look like gardener gloves ! ^^
I chose the leystone boots and dyed them brown, for the wood aspect and to match the druid shoulders, but also to add a more natural touch to the look.

For the weapons, I went for natural tools that she could have made herself with natural stuff she found in gardens, like the staff and the sword. And of course the daggers that look like sickles !
I hesitated a bit for the backpiece, with the flower ones. But I finally chose this chef back because of the cool carrots :D
Also to represent well the duality of her nature (and see her hairstyle sometimes), I also use the glowing green mask at night, to match the green glow, and to make her look more evil. è_é

Hope you like the look ! ;)


Love it! Reminds me of Elessar's garden gnome. (Take pics together... pwease? :3) But wait, is that your Corrupted Sprout? Nooooo... you gave her a makeover... :(
2016-05-30 18:58

That's an insteresting look!
I like her much more with the Wizard's hat :)
Nice dyes and screens
2016-05-30 19:11

Fashion Guru
dude ... this is awesome! reflecting what Kestrel said it instantly reminded me of Elessars Asura XD but this has a different flare. Love the use of the wizzard hat here it makes your sylvari look a wee bit sinister lol The guise and leggings mesh so well together :) love the screens , .love the weapon choices and overall an excellent presentation TOTAL GOLD obviously lol
2016-05-30 19:25

Such an adorable theme with amazing armorcomb and presentation!
I love the daggers and the backpiece here, though every single weapon is just spot on! :D
The screens are absolutely perfect for this concept and look awesome!
Definitely Gold for this unique theme :D
2016-05-30 19:41

Fashion Guru
This is such an interesting and wonderful story and I am purely in love with this look.
I really love this theme and I am digging every piece of it. Your armour combo is really awesome I love the fact that you didn't went for a full Sylvary- look and that you tried to mix it up a little bit more to create something very beautiful. I really love the top piece here and it was such a smart idea using these shoulders and the Leystone boots. They are all giving a very natural and nature- like vibe and I like that every single piece represents a different type of nature here that coexists together just perfectly. She is truely representing every different facets of a garden!
The hat is just the cherry on top here it workes so well as a gardener and a wizard hat at the same time!
Your dyes are just wonderful and quite fitting- I love thise different brown colours that are creating a very natural and beautiful look and those dashes of green are a wonderful addition.
I love this two sided creature that seem to have an evil and dark core that no one would have ever expected since almost every creature that cares about nature seem to nice and pure. The glowing eyes are just adding the creepy feeling she is giving me here.
The screens are- as always- just purely beautiful and perfect I am amazed by those locations you used and how stunning she looks there.
From head to toe this one desveres all the gold I have!
2016-05-30 19:45

Thanks :)
Yes, it's true the theme is very similar in some way! ^^
And I'd love to take pics together !
I gave her a makeover kit a long time ago... and several times actually : sprout>blossom>daredevil>poseidon>gardener ;P
They are all my thief ! ^^
2016-05-30 19:51 in reply to KestrelGirl

Thank you Migg ! :)
I actually never use the green glowing mask but I think it was interesting to use it for the screens, to reflect the story, and represent her evil side during full moon nights! I prefer her with the hat too ^-^
2016-05-30 19:55 in reply to Migg

Ahah, I understand why it reminded you of Elessar's asura ! It's true there are resemblances, like the theme, or the wizard hat. ^^
It's true I tried to give her a more sinister look ! I'm glad you noticed it :P
Thanks :-)
2016-05-30 20:09 in reply to Purgatori

Thank you so much ! It's always a pleasure for me to read your awesome and very detailed comments ! I'm glad you understand the concept so perfectly and that you like it ! ^-^
2016-05-30 20:13 in reply to AnaChronism

Fashion Guru
As always, gold!
2016-05-30 21:39

Fashion Collector
Definitely gold :) I'm in love with those garden gloves haha. Brilliant. The only part of this that I don't like so much is the boots. I get why you chose them, but I would've wanted some normal boots... garden boots? like the gloves :D Personal preference I guess. Everything is done very well - description, screens, dyes, armor!
2016-05-31 5:10

Elessar Taralom
I heard my name coming up? :p 
I like that more people are exploring the usage of the Wizard Hat beyond a witch/sorcerer theme! 
I love the almost orange brown that is coming through in combination with the browns and greens
While I like the idea story wise to give her green eyes I do prefer the hat overall, it just gives her a little more character!
Also adore the fact that her gloves really look like gardening gloves 
The overall presentation is flawless as usual, I even recognize some of the screening locations from my own little gnome ^^ Even the stories are eerily similar! Maybe they should work together!
2016-05-31 5:43

Fashion Guru
This looks amazing! Gold!
2016-05-31 5:52

Fashion Collector
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2016-05-31 11:06

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2016-05-31 11:55 in reply to Billy

She looks like a scarecrow in the screen with the wheat xD
I really like her. Her skinny body and the natural armor parts make her truly look like a gnom. And like already been said, the gloves look like they were made for working in the garden. I can't help but thinking, that the chest might be a bit too elegant and fancy for the look, but you tuned it down with the natrual dyes, so it works fine.
The daggers are a great choice considering her devious character :)
Overall she looks amazing and the concept is great.
So take my gold^^
2016-06-01 6:45

looks like the name says, but in the end I think this look and dyes make the character quite dull looking.
2016-06-02 6:10

I LOVE IT SOO MUCH!!! How'd you take the screenshot SOOOO GOOOOD!!?? The use of Slingshot really give the homemade feeling into such a down to earth fun :)

2016-06-05 8:08

Probably the best fae look you can get.
2016-06-11 10:34

Fashion Guru
This is so interesting and I love this use of the hat! Gold of course :)
2017-02-01 14:44

Curious Samoyed
Creative and adorable!
2017-08-17 0:54