Venom Master - Livia Venimoeil

By Naholiel on June 26th, 2014
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
13 9
3 0
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Membre de la Troupe de l'Oeil


This is hands down the most amazing and coolest Charr I've ever seen! GOOD JOB! Gold for you. Really, really love this!
2014-06-27 5:47

Doesn't look generic medium charr. Love this.
2014-06-27 7:25

Fashion Guru
The determination headband fits in really well with that hairstyle :)

I like the contrast that the red and blue offer for this set, they fit well with the neutral colors you selected. Have you tried the set with a complement of the same colors (focused red, or focused blue)?
2014-08-23 13:03

I've tried a lot of mix for the dye but the problem is that viper's jerkin is...kinda special with the dye repartition and the color effect..
2014-08-27 2:36

Cog Tor
What a sweet get-up! I think if you could fit maybe an extra color or two in the mix it would be perfect! Lets get some more pics with weapons prz =D
2015-02-10 0:53

Faye Grimm
I like the character and armor a lot, but only one screenshot? T.T
2016-07-28 7:49