Priestess of Lava

By jesandsteven on May 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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In a former life she was a priestess of healing and of life. Until one day she was captured in her travels. She had ventured to close to Mount Maelstrom, and was taken prisoner by the Asuran that reside there. They took no pity upon her. She pleaded that she could be of value, as she was a powerful healer. Her fate sealed, they cast her into the fires of The Mount. The moment the lava began to sear her flesh something happened. She began to change. She took in the power of the fires, and the molten stone became a part of her...

I finally became brave enough to attempt a fire look. :) I decided I wanted more of a lava than flame feel to the look. Like she had the core of lava and cooled bits of stone. I started with the cliche gloves, dye dark to resemble fire and stone. I thought the shoulders dyed cleverly had the same sharpness as the gloves, and could play as cooled lava at the points. The boots were chosen for there rock-like appearance and dyed to resemble molten and cooled rock. I chose the top simply because I like the way it took the dye, and settled on the bottoms for a priestess vibe. The head when dyed reminded me of a bit of flame or lava leaking from within. Since the toon had a lava feel, I shyed away from the traditional lava type weapons. I wanted the flames still represented in the weapons, but also something that looked more like what a priestess might would carry. I am in love with the way she turned out. I hope some of you like her as well. :)


Fashion Guru
Wow is is a very nice look!
You payed attention to the different armour pieces and with your description of some parts it really makes sense why you went for these particular skins. I really love the overall mix it has a nice vibe to it. I think the only very small thing that I would maybe change is the top piece but then again it looks really neat on your character.
Your dyes are simply amazing! In combination with the dark skin tone the armour looks outstanding and your character seems is quite of an eyecatcher here! I really love the headpiece here it was a very smart idea to dye it that way so it looks like a lava crack on her face.
The screens are absolutely stunning, you chose some fitting and awesome locations and your weapon choice was a perfect one. I love that you went for something less obvious like the CoF or Primordus- weapons.
Overall I think you did a very good job here and it deserves Gold :3
2016-05-29 18:16

Elessar Taralom
While at first glance I wanted to toss this aside as a typical barely-clothed human female meta character, I have to sincerely apologise now!
There was so much thought put into this look that it does manage to look like an original character, despite the fact that the skin showing looks are kinda despised
It´s great that you used pieces like shoulders and gloves to bring across the fire theme in your look; same goes for the headpiece, it fits perfectly here!
Your dyes are spot on and varied and I can just tell from the many different shades you used, that a lot of thought went into the dye choice
What really sells this for me - and makes it 100x more original - is the simple fact that you made her black
Presentation is outstanding as usual
Take a well deserved gold!
2016-05-30 6:32

Fashion Guru
Very nice! Gold!
2016-05-30 8:48

I absolutely love the use of the headpiece here! It looks like a tiny flame jewel :D
The armor-comb isnt too exciting on its own, but you made it stand out with your perfect dye-job and an amazing presentation!
Gold for sure! :D
2016-05-30 12:00

Fashion Guru
Thanks all!
2016-05-30 20:45