[Japan-inspired] Tale of Kunoichi-san

By Iris on May 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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She is a nameless kunoichi (female ninja) tasked with protecting a poor fishing village. No one knows where she's from; only that she had been wandering the land with her master for as long as she could remember. One night during a raging storm, the ship that carried her and her master capsized. Ever since they were rescued by the villagers, they have been staying here to repay the favor. Kunoichi fought against beasts and bandits to protect the village's peace. Ten years have passed and her master has breathed his last, soon will be the time for the kunoichi to make her travel and reclaim her destiny.


I didn't expect to have another Asia-inspired outfit so soon!!! This time, I borrow a lot of Japanese elements, specifically the dressing of shinobi/kunoichi during the Sengoku (Warring States). For a kunoichi, dressing light, but strategically well-armored is essential. I love how the Viper armor not only has the right length but also a piece of triangular metal chest guards similar to the attire of Japanese bow practitioners. For the "armor" part, Ascalonian Shoulders did the job splendidly: It provides a good-sized plated piece which dyes wonderfully and continuous the armor part on the right arm. Determination headband and Honor of the Waves arm guards strikes the right balance for the whole look. For the bottom part, I had had multiple favorite sketches for which leggings-and-boots combo to choose but ultimately picked the Leystone leggings and Sneakthief sandals. The sandal is a striking resemblance to the Geta (japanese sandals) and the lower part of the leggings can work as the Tabi (japanese split socks) - both are a direct reference to the Japanese theme. For the weapons, Belinda's greatsword is cool, but my character is a thief, so a short katana would have been perfect. Instead, her main weapons are the Bo Staff and Shortbow. The Bo shows off the nimble animation really well, and a good match for the theme. Occasinally, the Kunoichi would throw shurikens or small daggers at her enemies. Here I use Usoko's Needle whose skin is the Sai daggers used by Okinawan martial artists.

Color wise, I kept the palette relatively mute and realistic. The deep red slash black evokes the color of Japanese enameled wares and brown is used for where soft leather is expected. The metal part was dyed with Iron or Steel color.


Elessar Taralom
Really cool Asian inspired outfit! I feel like you managed to create something original with skins that are a little overused ingame
The shoulders and gloves especially are a selling point for me, as they feel really Asian to me
The headband was a great inclusion as well
The dyes are alright, but I feel like some more natural looking hues would have done you a favour; for example switching the Abyss for smth like Charred and taking a richer, slightly darker red, but as I said, the overall dye scheme is cool and looks Asian
The first four rows of your screenshots are my absolute favourite ones, you found some great places to compliment your outfit apart from a Lunar New Year decorated guild hall
Overall it´s a gold for me ^^
2016-05-29 4:05

Fashion Guru
Beautiful! I love the black and red looks!
2016-05-29 8:35

Fashion Guru
My fav chest piece! The shoulders and the gloves go so well with it!! love the dyes you chose and your screens are really good. Easy Gold!
2016-05-29 10:21

Fashion Guru
You're right! I was a bit iffy about Abyss since it's a bit stark. I took on your suggestion and added an updated piece: I replaced Abyss with Charred, Spitfire with Lifeblood on the Viper Coat and Midnight Gold with Cocoa on the Leystone Leggings. The color now looks easier on the eyes for me. Charred does bring out a better texture for it. Thanks again for your critique!
2016-05-29 13:13 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Very nice look. I love this asian vibe your character is giving me.
The armour combo is really neat it's been a long time since I appreciated the Viper's top and I think you managed to create something very beautiful and awesome with skins that are- as Elessar already pointed out- overused.
I really love the matching weapons it gives your look a very nice touch!
On the dyes I would agree that the Abyss is a little too dark and too black but overall I like the colours you used and you already seem to have changed the Abyss- part of your armour :D
Your screens are gorgeous, you captured some very nice moments and I love the locations you used.
Gold from me!
2016-05-30 8:08

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2016-06-02 6:15

wow just wow. I can't believe I only just seen your works! They are amazing and as good as silvertree's works!
Gold!!!! I gave this full marks.

Her works here if you're interested:
2016-07-22 10:46

This looks REALLY cool! Thank you.
2018-05-05 23:49