Wings of Ascension 2

By Exitus_Letalis on May 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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Since I've got Wings of Ascension, here is my second character that uses them. Most of the time, my Revenant was wearing Abyss armor with frost details. I decided to give him different look. He got fabulous wings and "semi regal" look with molten and fire details. He is still dark from inside, like every other dark knight. I was just experimenting with skins and dyes. Anyways he had great adventure around Dragons Stand. I'm still in doubt about legs and gloves, I will change those, but I still really like how he looks. :D I have plans to get Triumphant legs. Currently I'm crafting ascended gloves. Once when I get those skins, I will update this look.


Fashion Guru
Nice look! At first I wasn't too sure about the wings but the more I look at your screens the more I like it.
Your armour mix is a very interesting one. I love the chestpiece and it looks really cool with the cultural shoulders. The only thing I am not entirely sure are the gloves. I think that the pants are something different and also a bit of a risk to take since it's not the most "usual" combo you see in the game so I give you credit for that but I am a little bit torn about those gloves! I see why you chose them since your weapons are more of a fire- themed like but I feel like there had to be some more tiny fire- elements on your armour in order to get rid of the feeling that they are a little bit out of place. I think some different gloves would look a bit better but still I understand your choice and I could also understand why you wouldn't want to change them.
I actually like your dyes especially Antique Bronze looks very nice on heavy armour it creates a more natural look on the metal parts and this more orange tone is a nice addition but I would have loved to see a third dye in the dye slot to spice this a little bit more up, maybe something that is also more of a natural and simple colour and nothing too bright or none fitting.
Your screens are very beautiful and your character looks very nice on every single one of them!
2016-05-30 18:52

Fashion Guru
Thank you! I agree about gloves. I would like to change gloves skin into Illustrious Pauldrons, but I don't have that skin yet. I like that wings, but I would say those wings are kinda girly, it's hard to fit them on male character. I agree about Antique Bronze too! I added some orange details to match metal parts with wings. I prefer natural looking dyes on male characters. I already wrote in description what I would like to change about this look. Btw. I used that wings on my female Guardian too .
2016-05-31 4:56 in reply to AnaChronism