Golden Battle Mage

By Dyrion on May 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
2 7
2 0
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This is Serephiné, Guardian of the Golden City and Protector of the Innocent.

Long time ago she sweared to protect everyone who enters the Golden City and became their citizens. But it was a dark time... the Golden city had an artifact which was so powerful that it could destroy whole countries and everybody wanted it for themselves. In order to protect this artifact she had to learn the four elements which exist in this world. Fire, water, air and earth.

She learned all the time without sleep and made quickly progress and finally accomplished the full power of controlling the elements. She was so powerful that no one would ever try to attack the city and its artifact, The citizens were able to live without fear.

Till this day she's patrolling over the gates and walls of her city to fend off the evil.

(I hope you understand my little story :-) I'm german..)


Elessar Taralom
I like your dyes, they really match the staff and I love that your bottom half is an attempt to stir away from the really tiring "Human Female Meta", but then again you chose that top piece and that just doesn´t work for me at all
Maybe try smth like the Magician´s Coat, it always has a very scholarly feel to it and it would make more sense to pair with these legs
Love your little story and also like the screens you provided, though some screens in another place as well would be a nice addition as the vibrant colours in Tarir are always a little overpowering
With some minor changes to the armour this could be a gold from me, so don´t hesitate to give me a heads up in case you change anything! ^^
2016-05-29 4:11

Fashion Guru
I think Elessar already pointed out basically everything that I wanted to say, as well.
Your dyes are very beautiful I really like this light blue combined with the golden tone you used here.
I also have to agree that the top doesn't really seem to fit here at all. The cut off seem to be a bit too weird in combination with the leggings and I think something coat like would do you a huge favour.
Your screens are very pretty but I would love to see some places where your look doesn't get carried away by the huge amount of gold around her. It's a bit distracting and the light is always a bit weird. Try to find some places with a more natural light and also don't hesitade to make some more screens ^^
2016-05-30 8:12

I'm not a fan of the actual set, but the screens were really nice! :)
2016-06-02 6:16