Ruins of Orr Necro V2

By jesandsteven on May 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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9 2
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The witch known as Blightwood. She is a master of the dark arts and loyal servant of Zhaitan. She wanders the cursed shores, in search of life to steal and souls to command. Ever adding to her hoard of undead. Her soul purpose, to be queen of the undead and set forth her armies to plague all the lands of Tyria.

As usual I keep my Sylvari in little-to-no non-cultural armor. This of course limits my combo choices. I also decided to step out of my comfort level in the use of colors for toon creation and dye choices. But I still wanted her to look like she was a part of Orr. I like for my Necro to always be identifiable from afar, and keep some of the signature toxic green in her appearance. She is a revamp from my previous Runis Of Orr look. I kept my weapon choices, gloves, hair and shoulders, changing the rest with a full makeover. Again, not an overly original armor/weapon combo, but I hope you enjoy her anyways. :)


Fashion Guru
I like it :D I love the dyes you chose for the armor makes her look naturally sinister. Not an overly unique armor choice but it works! Weapons match perfectly and your use of cultural is fitting here. Gold from me!
2016-05-26 22:47

Elessar Taralom
Really cool looking Sylvari!
I am in love with the dyes you chose and I really appreciate that you mixed in a little different armour to the typical cultural mix
I especially like the shoulders here, they give off an almost insectlike feel
Great choice of weapons and amazing screen make this a definite gold for me!
2016-05-27 3:33

Really cool Sylvari :D
I like the the colors and your screens are great! Gold from me~
2016-05-27 9:35

Fashion Collector
Beautiful :)
2016-05-27 10:09

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the kind compliments!
2016-05-27 20:29

Fashion Guru
*Bows to Sylvari master * Your comment honors me ;)
2016-05-27 20:30 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Simply amazing! I really love this whole look so so so much!
Love the chestpiece here it's so fitting and it looks so nice in combination with the cultural armour pieces. The armour mix itself looks stunning on her.
The dyes are so great, I really like this very interesting mix and how amazing it looks on the cultura armour pieces it's like she always belonged to those creepy places in Orr! I love how the skin tone, the face you chose and the hairstyle adds some more spice and awesomeness to your look, very wisely chosen!
Your screens are the most favourite part of this look, I am simply blown away by their beauty! Such amazing shots and you manged to find some great places.
Gold, all the Gold!
2016-05-28 7:20

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much for the kind words :D
2016-05-28 15:10 in reply to AnaChronism