Erynion Grovetender

By Drevann on May 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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14 8
1 0
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A minion of Mordremoth enters from the treeline. He looks around for signs of the enemy, but seeing none goes about his patrol. The sun shines glaringly down through the break in the canopy. Several shafts of light pierce through the treetops into the emerald sanctuary. A shuffle of movement takes the corrupted sylvari's attention momentarily. He draws a weapon and narrows his eyes examining the nearby forest for any glimmer of metal or movement of leaf that may belie the enemy's location. After a few seconds of silence the flutter of wings is heard as a tropical bird ascends from the forest floor. The mordrem puts its weapon back, disregarding the harmless threat. Just as it turns to leave, another noise can be heard; The tightening of a bow string. Two arrows simultaneously (were they fired together or one right after the other?) fly from about midway up a large tree. They thud into the mordrem's back, downing it for good. A green figure leaps from the branches to survey his mark. "Good shot, but such a shame," he laments, even as he compliments himself. "I wonder when the day will come that I will no longer have to hunt my own kind." He wrenches the arrows free from the corpse and keeps moving.

((Erynion Grovetender was a healing druid I made years ago when I played WoW. He was in tree form a lot and I really enjoyed making him a cool druidic night elf. He has taken on a more direct approach to protecting the forest in this iteration.))


Fashion Guru
Great use of Shadow of the Dragon armor here. I do prefer him without the glowing mask but thats a minor distraction. Your screens are good but Another color in your dye choices would be welcome :) I know with working with Shadow of the Dragon armor its hard with only one dye channel. Regardless its still a gold from me :)
2016-05-26 22:50

Fashion Guru
Looks cool! Gold!
2016-05-27 8:38

Fashion Guru
Beautiful screens and an amazing dye job. I love the Shadow of the Dragon pieces here quite a lot but I would suggest you to try some other cultural pieces than just one armour set. It falls a little bit flat and I think some combo of other Sylvary- pieces would be a bit more interesting :3
The presentation itself is very awesome, as I already mentioned your screens are very beautiful and you chose the right weapons and I really like how the hair and skin tone of your character matches the overall look :>
2016-05-28 7:15

The screens, colors and the mix between warden and shadow of dragon is very cool, you did a very good job, gold for you!
2016-05-28 9:00

Fashion Collector
Love this look! You inspired me to give my female sylvari a make-over, similar to your awesome character. Gold!
2018-02-26 6:58

Very amazing
2018-05-22 11:14