Eirik Hjalmar

By Drevann on May 25th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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14 4
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An impressive warrior in combat, Eirik brings forth the spirit of Glint in his struggles against Mordremoth and the other Elder Dragons. He lives a mostly spartan lifestyle, preferring to live off the land and the occasional tavern meal. He wears heavy armor, but only as much as he feels is necessary. Preferring quick combat over heavy plating keeps his abilities sharp and his enemies few.


Fashion Guru
Great dyes, I like the natural feel of the armor and colors here. Weapons are a good match. Overall a very nice look!
2016-05-25 16:06

All your looks are really natural and your characters have faces that we don't see that often. I really like that, it's very nice to see this haircut too.
The screens are really good, as good as the dyes.
Definitly gold !
2016-05-25 16:14

Elessar Taralom
Really great cultural look for a male norn! I am always impressed if people manage to make them look cool ^^
The screens and dyes in particular are my favourite part about this look, ahve a big fat gold!
2016-05-25 16:33

I just love how every one of your characters is so authentic and lore friendly :)
Great combination of armor and dyes here. He looks simple overall, but has a lot of character.
2016-05-25 16:44

Fashion Guru
I really like your style. Another gold from me!
2016-05-25 17:02

as awesome as your other styles :) I'd be repeating myself :D
2016-05-25 17:14

Awesome character! Again xD
Very nice and subtle colours on an amazing norn style!
If you continue like that i wont have much Golds left soon xD
2016-05-25 18:20

Fashion Guru
Nice one! I love this typical nornish look and for not really liking male Norn I think yours is looking really amazing. Dyes are wonderful and I like your screens!
2016-05-25 18:21

Fashion Guru
Another amazing look. I love his face.. again. A true norn ! Take all my gold ^^
2016-05-25 20:12