Portal Researcher

By Beckie93 on May 20th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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14 6
1 0
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Gave my little asura mesmer "Happysura" a makeover. I've been in love with Immobulus for as long as I can remember and realized it sort of looks like a portal. I based her look around the idea of being a portal researcher or engineer of sorts. On the screenshots you'll find both finished and unfinished portals :D I'm glad I found a use for these glasses as well - one where they don't look out of place. Dye scheme is supposed to be in harmony with her magical portal scepter!
Furthermore I went for a subtle look with soft fabrics and a bit of shine to match the metal on the scepter.
I might post a lot of screenshots because asuras are so damn photogenic !


Elessar Taralom
THIS is where glasses make sense! Really adorable Asura you created her, she combines cuteness and professionalism wihtout feeling like either of the two too much
I love the shoulders as they immediately create a scholar shape and while I am on a personal level not the biggest fan of pinks and purples, they work beautifully here! Incorporating the Lemon Tint in here still makes it feel sophisticated and not like a girly Barbie Doll!
The scepter fits so perfect to your look and story alike (indeed it DOES look like a portal!) and your screens are really cute
Big compliment for creating a look with glasses that works and she really feels like a believable, quirky yet girly scientist to me! ^^ (Anyone feeling reminded of Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6?)
Anyway, take my gold! ^^
2016-05-20 6:29

Fashion Collector
Thanks for the kind comment :) much appreciated!
2016-05-20 6:51 in reply to Elessar Taralom

She is really cute ! I'm glad you used pink and purple because we have so much blue/black/white things that it's refreshing to have something else. Moreover your screens and descriptions are really good and compliment your look very well.
Have a big well-deserved gold :D
2016-05-20 11:19

Cute asura ,cute screens ,cute mix ,cute idea :gold from me XD
2016-05-20 11:34

Fashion Guru
I love this look. Your Asura looks so cute and adorable it's amazing.
The concept is really awesome and I like how you created a story and a look around the weapon and I have to agree that it does look like a portal :D
The armour mix is very nice I like that you used some more natural skins and gave them that pinkish vibe which is very fitting to your weapon!
Most of the time the glasses are looking out of place because many people are using them without any logic reason but you managed to use this skin very wisely and properly!
Your screens are very cute and pretty I really like them and I am overall amazed of your improvement from your first two looks to your newest two looks!
Such a neat look really deserves Gold! :3
2016-05-20 19:20