[Diesel-punk] The Returning Case of Scarlet Briar

By Iris on May 19th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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2 0
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"Dear E.,

A suspicious sylvari looking like Scarlet Briar has been spotted boarding several Air Ships, including those of our Pact Alliance. Most concerning, she has been frequenting Camp Resolve, where our Force against Mordremoth stations. There are words that Scarlet Briar was not dead and up to one of her new agenda. We must act before her malicious intent turns into a catastrophe. Your help is much appreciated,

Captain Kiel."

"Dear Captain Kiel,

I'm glad that you decided to consult me about this confidential matter. I know the character that you have spoken of quite well. The name is Tara, one of my agents. As a second-born, she share quite a few similarity with Ceara, both in look and the talent for mechanical inventions. Indeed, she is quite gifted in the engineering of spacecrafts and had been working for the Pact until Scarlet's rampage. Because of her look, she wasn't trusted by her former employer and thus, spared from the Mordrem attack on the Pact Fleet. That's when she came to me. She wants to stop the shipwreck tragedy. I provide her leads and passage. In return, she helps me keep tab on the remnant of the Aetherblade and recover the scattered research of Scarlet Briar.
Since the matter has been cleared, I hope you and your men can be at ease now. It would be of our mutual benefit that Lion's Arch will not stand in the path of my agents.

At your service,

Extra notes: The idea was to make a completely no-plant armor for my chronomancer that would look 1. scholarly (because I want to use the scribe's backpack no matter what), 2. casual (to fit the scepter and pistol animation attack) and 3. harmonized well with her green skin. It took me a while to settle down on a satisfactory dye palette and my prototype wasn't any close to the Steampunk theme. Then I had a brilliant idea of giving a sepia tint to my dye job and while I was at it, change her boots and weapons to more Steampunk pieces. Voila, she became what I would imagine a Scarlet in Denim and Metal. I has so much fun in creating the look and the story. Hope you guys enjoy!


Nice story :D Waiting for more screens.
2016-05-19 19:14

I think the boots not match with others and your dye scheme make your sylvari looks like a cute nerd.
2016-05-19 19:28

Fashion Guru
@Elenoob: Haha, "cute nerd" is so true. I went a bit anti-thesis there with a mismatch look. The boots are meant to be rugged and practical. It's magnetized for easy walking on aircrafts - stemming from her occupation as an engineer. At the same time, her second job is to infiltrate and investigate. So it helps to look like a civilian and not as a fighter.
2016-05-19 19:53

Hetto Koala
I love how she looks on the screenshots
goold :D
2016-05-19 19:59

That's reasonable.You deserve a gold :D
2016-05-19 20:08 in reply to Iris

Elessar Taralom
While I love the effort you put into the story and the screens (which are really superb I have to say!), I really don´t click with the dye choices at all
For me they actually ruin the armour choices you made a bit, as they make everything feel really disconnected from each other and from the overall theme you were going for
As for the shoulders: they´d feel off to me if it weren´t for HOPE, so I´ll let that slide, but the bright yellow hipster glasses are just so out of place
I always find it hard to really incorporate glasses into a look in GW and this again is a case for me where they feel extremely off
As I said, the presentation and idea behind it is funny and creative, but the glasses and the dye job kinda keep me from giving a gold :/
2016-05-20 4:36

She is awesome ! I love the armor you chose exept for the shoulders, but it's personal. The colors, screens, and story are very good !!
The only thing I don't get is, why did you use the glasses ? They really don't fit here imo.

But still, you can have my gold c:
2016-05-20 11:22

Fashion Guru
I like your story and the overall concept.
The armour itself is not too but though I am not a big fan of the boots here at least not for this look and I have to agree that the glasses are a bit off here. The colour itself is not really fitting and I think she doesn't really need those nerdy things to look great.
Your screens are amazing I really like their diversity and beauty BUT here I again have to agree that your dyescheme is a little bit disconneting and a little bit weird imo. I think some more natural colours would do you a huuge favour than those colourful splashes here and there that don't seem to fit very well together.
Overall I like the direction you were going for and I think you did a good job capturing some nice screens and creating a neat story for your character but some tiny improvements are still neccessary and would bring you an easy Gold!
2016-05-20 19:27