By Kalima on May 18th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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Heavy Nord


Nero Angelo
Full Mistward with 2 variations, one of which is often seen, dyed entirely Electro Lime is simply not too impressive.

My apologies Kalima but I feel compelled to rate this with a bronze medal.

I'd like to suggest adding some more variation with the dyes and armour pieces used.

Try to match the weaponry as well as you matched the colour of the Fervid Censor to the Electro Lime and you'll be well on your way to a superior rating!

Another suggestion would be a description of your outfit, an inspiration perhaps.

And finally I'd love to see more screenshots.
Fiddle around with locations for a bit, use the Camera sliders and get some of our heads to turn!
Character-Selection screenshots are also near-mandatory for the clear view it provides of the outfit.

Besides all this: Congrats on Astralaria!
2016-05-18 18:25

Fashion Guru
Sadly this dye really doesn't do your character any favour. Not only did you use only one dye in every single slot of your armour it is also not fitting in any way here especially not on heavy armour. If you wanted to match your armour to the haircolour your character has you could've done it in a more subtile way.
The armour itself is not too exciting, it's basically one set except for the shoulders and the headpiece and that is sadly not creative at all.
I am not quite sure what you were aiming for and what your intentions were when you created and posted this look here, right now I don't see any effort taken here. You even managed to create only two screens which are not giving me any good impression of your character.
I love your legendary weapon and the backpiece and I think that those two pieces are enough to create a MUCH more creative and interesting outfit, why not using the colours of your axe? A blueish or silver dye would work magic here and would give the metal pieces a better texture.
Your attempt here is sadly not enough and taking a look at other stylists here I am sure you could take some inspiration out of their screens and presentation. I think with some divere and more interesting screens and an authentic and good dye job it would be already a silver- look. It's really not hard to deliver something decent looking every halfway fair person would give you credit for that.
2016-05-19 8:18