[Steampunk]Hephaestia Shmidt

By Requiem on May 18th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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8 6
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Hephaestia is my warrior and is a human maintenance worker in the Black Citadel and is an inventor on the side pulling inspiration from the technology that the Charr and Asura have developed. ( sorry for the lack luster story lol)


Nero Angelo
I love the dyes and the armour combination!
As you said the story was a bit lackluster. ^^

I'm not entirely sure about the Aetherblade Gauntlets because their metallic shine appears to differ from the Vigil Skirt.
This depends a lot on the lighting though because you've also provided screenshots where this is no issue whatsoever or where your Warboots balance it out more than properly!

It's refreshing to see a Heavy donning the engineer-like style!
2016-05-18 4:46

Fashion Guru
Good armor mix and dye job, I like it.
2016-05-18 5:15

The boots are perfect for your theme ! The gloves/legs/head pieces are good too, but I would have changed the scarf because it doesn't imo.
Bu that's still a gold ;)
2016-05-18 6:41

everything good. need more discription :D
2016-05-18 8:00

What do you use to come up with your descriptions?
2016-05-18 8:23 in reply to Elenoob

I really like the style!
Its very steampunkish with all the belts and i love your colour-scheme! You used quite a lot aetherblade pieces, however they dont dominate the look too much, therefore its nothing to talk bad about ;D
Your weapon choice is absolutely perfect!!!! Especially the torch is spot on!
The screens are quite nice, though i think this might be the section where you could improve most. Your character is always quite far away from the camera and in some screens the background is a bit bland imo :S
But still its a great job! Gold from me :)
2016-05-18 10:22

Elessar Taralom
I love the dyes here, very rusty and fitting to the theme
You combined some unusual and some obvious pieces to make an overall convincing mix
While I appreciate that you took a lot of screens and chose great locations, you could still improve a little
The "Field of View" slider could really come in handy for you, as your character is always a bit small and far away
Overall great upload though! ^^
2016-05-18 12:30

Fashion Guru
Nice look. Though you used many parts of the Aetherblade- armour it still looks neat and very steampunky.
I love the dyes they are really neat and I look this dusty effect that they are creating on your armour.
Your screens are not bad though I have to agree with Hylek and Elessar that you could improve here a little bit more. Try to get some more close ups so your character doesn't seem to be so far away. But overall it's a very neat look and that deserves gold.
2016-05-18 12:59

I make a story relate to what does it look like and brainstorm for some good plot.
2016-05-18 15:48 in reply to Requiem

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
huge fan of this look. cant believe i missed out on it. gold
2017-02-28 12:06

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