Black Angel

By Madcat on May 18th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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1 5
2 0
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The dark arts of necromancy isn't for everyone, certainly not for the squeamish, the faint or heart or soul. The dead, the spirits, the lost souls, and other more mysterious and many times, malicious incarnations never turned Morrigan away. Nor did it scare her, not one bit. She spent her youth in abandoned crypts, reading ancient and often forbidden tomes, learning all she could from them. She shunned daylight and lived for the Night, often seen, all dressed in black robes and hood, like a black angel, roaming cemeteries, calmly conversing with invisible beings. Few, if any, know what she looks like. Rumour has it that she has a twin sister of extraordinary beauty but no one knows who she is, nor if the rumour is true. What is true however, and thankfully, is that she has been often seen, always at night, fighting enemies of all venues, from the Icebrood to the Branded and the Risen as well, none of them knowing when she will strike and when. She seemingly goes on her own volition but some say she might be serving otherworldly beings. Her mystery is like the mists swirling around tombstones but who knows? perhaps within the confines of her black robes, lays a noble soul.

Morrigan is kind of a rebirth, as she roamed the lands of the original game. The main idea behind her appearance was to provide her as much as possible with a mysterious and foreboding appearance. The armor pieces I've selected allowed me to do just that. I found the Trickster shoulders a good complement to the black feather wings. The Flame Legion pants, with the torn fabric and chain also provide a balance with the Reaper's Hood with its equally worn material.


Nero Angelo
Although I like your presentation the choice of dye and armour combination is simply not too impressive.

You've clearly thought of the individual armour pieces as seen in the recurring theme of the feathers but in the end some pieces just clash. The Flame Legion pants for example are too focussed on rags with battered metal platings and chains while the top is mostly leather accentuated by leather belts around the torso.

The Merciless Staff and the Reaper's greatsword are a match made in.. the darkest; most necromantic of heavens though!

The screenshots are great, although the Reaper's hood prevents them from appearing original in a lot of occasions.

What I'd like to suggest is:

Try some more variation in the use of dyes. You can go far AND retain the dark style by using shades of brown or grey.
Leaving the feathery-accents black to accompany the wings is also entirely possible.

Also I must say my favourite screenshot is the one with you standing in the mist it's just so mysterious. ^^
2016-05-18 7:24

Add more dye using shades like Nero said ,your look will be more interesting.
2016-05-18 8:26

Fashion Guru
I love the screens. Really, they are amazing especially the title screen looks very nice. I like this more mysterious and kinda dark pressence that you captured really well in every shot.
The armour and the concept itself is not the most original theme I've ever seen in fact there a quite a lot "dark angels" especially in combination with the Reaper's Hood and the wings. But I have to say that I actually don't mind your armour mix. I like the overall combination it fits to your theme after all.
Your dyes are a little bit underwhelming and I have to agree with the others- even dark looks can be diverse when it comes to different shades and colourschemes, play a bit with the different colours and I am sure that you will find something fitting! A black blobb is never the answer to a nice look :P
2016-05-18 13:05

Elessar Taralom
I love the armour mix here, though the theme itself might not be the most original, you made the best out of it and gave it a fresh twist! The top and the legs together just look amazing! The boots feel a tiny bit out of place here, as they just don´t have this natural reaper feeling to them, but that´s just nitpicking
Your screens are also great, you found a lot of diverse locations that fit with your theme and yeah, they are a little dark, but that just belongs to the character in a way
Your choice of weapons is spot on and you managed to keep overused pieces as the reaper hood and the black wings interesting!
BUT: the dyes really don´t live up to the rest of this look and I think that´s why people are really quick at dismissing a look like this
You can totally keep it dark and mysterious without going full Black; add a dark, steelish colour to the metalparts and maybe even try a few other shades of black and you´d have a really smooth dyejob
Since the rest of this look really knocked it out of the park though I still really want to make this a gold with the hope that you´ll work on the dyes a little
2016-05-20 5:12

I thank you all for your valuable inputs, I'll soon try some dye variations and see how it goes. :)
2016-05-20 19:18