[Steampunk] Golden Falcon

By Elenoob on May 17th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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15 4
1 0
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A widely told tale from many area around maguuma about sylvari elemantalist ,who owns unique artificial golden wings ,flying around like a golden falcon.
She is a purposive predator and her prey is inquest. Accused as a thief ,steal many artifacts ,by The Pact ,she never get arrested because nobody wants to take risk when they saw what has she done with those victims ,some cases found only ashes or in worse case found nothing.

As time passed by...the truth is revealed.When a group of Priory found new inquest's hideout in Dry Top covered with corpses and in the midst of dreadful remains ,
a notebook decorated with golden patterns on an asura corpse distract them.

"It doesn't take any damage why...?" an scholar said.
That question led to a small discussion then they decided to send it to Durmand Priory for further investigation.

A few weeks later ,Camp Resolve received a package stated as important from Durmand Priory. It contains many missing artifacts ,a strange notebook and a letter from investigator team about the artifact theft happened last year. They said The Pact is misunderstood and chasing the wrong guy. The real thief was murdered at inquest's hideout in Dry Top and the killer left this notebook on his corpse.
It's a diary of an ex-Pact aviatrix from this camp.

Some messages from killer's diary

"Something happened....my body covered with wounds. I was taken to Picaroon Scratch by skritts. They cure my pain and let me stay in their hub for awhile.
'you fainted next to a big shiny. it's on fire. skritt want to help.' that's what they say. But I can't realize"

"And now ,I know why those Pact solder trying to arrest me.I was charged with artifacts theft. Time to say goodbye to Silverwaste...This place is no longer safe."

"My eyes...so blurry.It's all because of you Zakka. I trust you but all you have...
is 'betrayal' ."

"I miss flying.I miss the sky.Those Training fields...those kind people...is calling. Pale Tree please ,I want to be normal again."

"What a ridiculous girl I am...Pray for peace every day but ended up with a destructive scenery of an inquest's camp ,again and again.And still no sign of Zakka."

"There's no point to return anymore.With these things ,I will take my revange."

"Gilding is my new experience and a bit troublesome but I can get over it ,just need time to practice. Another task is more important.I must fix this aviator glasses to match my eyesight."

"People usually say ,I'm 'The Golden Falcon' or 'The Sky Predator'. No ,I'm not. I just hiding and seeking for revange.And my time will come soon."

"This revange costs my life."

And the last one

"I'm done. And there is no reason to bring back my honor or go back to Camp Resolve.I've changed too much.Not the one with smiling face all the time.
That girl was gone."


This is my 1st entry for contest and first look I publish to this site. The first idea of this look was an aviatrix with a bit of cyber or Aetherblade look but my wardrobe was too small lol.So I ended up with something like The Falcon from marvel with red and blue dye that pretty match my sylvari.

Ps. - I'm new with...errr...aethistics screenshots(?).You may confused in some pics.
- My writing skill...a bit bad because I'm not native speaker :x
- So if something wrong please tell me.Thank you :D
- Edited version added link for a rough look in comment.
Hope you enjoy and good luck if you enter this contest


Fashion Guru
For being knew here you really made some beautiful and outstanding screens. They are very diverse and unique and I like them a lot!
Now to the look: I actually really like your armour mix it looks very interesting and I especially like the Profane Boots. One thing I would have changed are the gloves I don't think that they are really fitting to the rest of your armour and seem to be a little bit out of place.
I like that you incorperated the backpiece it looks interesting and fits your story which I like, as well!
The only thing I am confused about are the dyes. I see that you wanted to match your Sylvari but I think for a more cyber- or aviatorish look I would have taken some different dyes here maybe more natural tones with some subtile dashes of a bright colour right now the pink combined with the very bright blue doesn't really fit well together.
But all in all it's an interesting look and I see that you took some effort that should be rewarded :3
2016-05-17 5:59

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2016-05-17 10:30

Why not both?
The colourscheme is definitely not what takes away the steampunk feeling!

Though i have to agree with Kestrel to some extend. What really doesnt fit the steampunk theme for me, are the gloves and shoulders! The Sorrows Embrace shoulders couldve worked here maybe. They look a bit like a jetpack ;D

Despite not hitting the theme 100%, i LOVE your creativity!!!! The idea of a steampunk aviator is absolutely gorgeous and mixing that idea with some sort of hero-theme is genious!

Your presentation alone is worth Gold! The story is quite cool and your screens are so damn awesome! For your first upload the screens really have TOP quality!!! It actually looks like you know exactly how to take perfect screens! :P

So ...
Armorcomb could be better, especially fitting the theme more imo.
Dyes are actually quite nice, i love that they are sth. different!
Screens, story and overall presentation are super Gold!
And the idea is simply amazing!!!

Gold from me! :D
2016-05-17 10:41 in reply to KestrelGirl

Thank you for suggestions.I'll try sth to fix it as I could. :)
Btw after I submit this look for contest ,It can't edit?
2016-05-17 19:57

Fashion Collector
This kinda reminds me of Pharah from Overwatch lol interesting armor comb and dye scheme.
2016-05-17 19:57

Fashion Guru
Not a big fan of the dye scheme.
2016-05-18 5:18

Elessar Taralom
Wow, you really made a great overall upload here!
The screens are fantastic regarding composition and diversity of locations and poses and you made a lovely story to tie everything together which I highly appreciate!
When it comes to the armour mix, it´s pretty solid, shoulders feel a bit off, but it´s overall a neat mix that has some victorian feel to it
Where I have to agree with pretty much all of the other commenters is the dye scheme; while I love the Deep Maple in combiantion with the Antique Gold, the Spring Tide in there just doesn´t work for me and pretty much destroys the Victorian/Steampunk-y vibe for me
Since the rest of your look is so great though it still makes an overall gold for me
2016-05-18 12:47

I took some edits from suggestions.
link here:http://imgur.com/EdZUhrA
I tried to mix SoE shoulders with this look but it overlaps with wings.
Dye scheme later :D
2016-05-18 15:40

wow ! I'm not a big fan of sylvari, but your character looks amazing ! i really like armor mix and dyes that you used here :). And your screenshots ? Beautiful ! Can't wait to see more !
2016-05-19 12:23

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
What's awesome about these contests is that it brings people out that maybe wouldn't have shared otherwise. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome character. She is very unique and looks to me to have a neat cyberpunk or technopunk feel. Well done!
2016-05-20 21:55