[SteamPunk] Colton Bizmarck

By Elijah on May 16th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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I was born for the seas, my father a fisherman and my mother the daughter of a well-known pirate. I was raised among the riff raff of divinity's reach and upon the creaking old boards of a ship, living alongside weathered men and women who fought to make a living against the vial scourge that is the krait and Zhaitan’s minions and his undead ships.

My father and mother were lost to a risen ship when I was only eleven. My sister raised me from then on living in the squalor of Divinity’s reach. She worked hard to keep us fed and clothed working as a scullery maid. She learned to fight from a guard who had taken a liking to her and I watched as she learned how to use a sword. I in turn began to practice. Using a fire poker at the best of times while using a stick at the worst. When I was old enough my sister left me to join the seraph and before I knew it I received notice that she had been captured and killed. Alone in the world with no family or fortune to sustain me I found work at the docs and working on the ships that my father once plied his trade upon. When I was not needed at the docs I fancied myself a sell sword, excellent with a sword and dagger and not too bad a shot with a pistol either I made decent money escorting villagers from town to town as well as some of the nobles that passed through some of the more seedier parts of Tyria. I was content for a time but adventure ran red in my veins and soon the whispers came calling asking me to run messages for them. It was exciting for a time and I thought I was invincible but, I was soon to learn that was untrue. We were attacked by risen. The ship I had been working on and using to transport the messages from place to place was attacked and sunk. I only managed to survive because of an old sea farer that had been on the ship and taken me under his care. We escaped the wreckage and arrived on the shores of Southsun. My left eye gone and nearly blind in the other. I knew my life would be over but then the man that I called friend revealed that he was an Atherblade Pirate and that I needed to choose. Fallow him or swim with the Sharks.

I chose life and with that came the technology of the Atherblades. I was in surgery for a long time my left eye unable to be saved it was replaced my an optic device that allowed me to see once again while my other eye was saved with only minor damage. I joined his crew and came under his command. He taught me how to shoot properly with a pistol and rifle, how to fly airships and repair them. I was indebted to him and the Atherblade but when a Sylvari came around and started promising things my captain refused her while Mai trin agreed to fallow. My captain was killed by Horrik and the rest of the crew ran. I took up the mantle as captain and joined the Pact gathering up my mentor’s old crew while replacing a few members along the way but our rag tag crew became one of the best airship crews in the fleet.

Our ship was damaged in the fights against the mordrum in the Maguuma wastes while trying to help both Pact and Zepherites in the area. We were left back in Silverwastes to help keep the camps running while our ship was repaired while the rest of the Pact fleet headed to the Maguuma Jungle to fight Mordremoth. We were safe from the attack but had to slay a few of our crew who took to the call of Mordremoth and now that the pact has been decimated my crew has decided to help rebuild the fleet while it seems life has come full circle and once again I find myself once again in the bars of Divinity’s Reach drinking ale and waiting at the Dead End Tavern for the next person with some gold in their pocket and a dangerous place they need getting to.

“So Cillia the scallywag sent ya. You want to go to Maguuma. Yeah I'm the sell sword you want but from the looks of ya you can't afford the greatest sword of the jade seas.”


Hello all,

This is my first entry at GW2Style though I have been a member since January and I've been watching the entries almost every day. I decided to make my first post for the GuildWarsDyeJob contest for steampunk. I saw a lot of girl characters going in so I figured I'd make a male character with a bit more of the victorian look and decided to go with a sell sword/Airship Captain. I love creating characters and stories to go along with them. I hope you enjoy Colt as much as I do. Please leave comments and let me know what you think :)


He definitely looks steampunkish!
I love the hairstyle with this eye-thingy, looks great! Your armor-comb is very nice too! Top and legs have this victorian style, while the rest of your armor is technical ... very fitting for a steampunk look!
Im not 100% sure about the dyes though :S
The metal parts wouldve looked better in a rusty tone imo, bronze or a dark gold. Also the orange dye looks a bit out of place to me. Beige or another brown hue wouldve looked better imo.

Your presentation however is absolutely awesome! The screens are very diverse and have nice scenery and you put great effort in the story!

So even though the dyes are not my taste, the armor comb fits the theme perfectly and the presentation is perfect! Gold for you :)
2016-05-17 10:48

Thank you Hylek for your comment :) I'm glad you like is armor combo and the hair :) I could go with a brass for the metal parts since rusty looking wouldn't be good seeing as rust would mean the parts wouldn't be working right but Brass is certainly used in steampunk and Victorian era. I went with steel to contrast the leather looking parts, but I definitely see your point and I did have a hard time picking the colours for him.
2016-05-17 13:25 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
I like the overall look. Your armour looks neat and I feel the steampunk vibe here very well it's really different and unique in comparison to many other looks I've seen in the past few days. I especially love the chestpiece it's really one of my favourites.
Your screens are as well very cool and I like the diversity and especially the action shots are really cool. The title screen is one of my favourites!
While I like the overall concept and the story you created for him I have the feeling that the dyes are not very well chosen. I actually like that you wanted to have contrast between the metal and the leather parts but especially the top piece has no metal parts at all so you could have maybe gone for something darker maybe? The brownish parts are looking sort of red maybe you could find a better brown- tone that is less on a red side and maybe you could replace the greenish parts with something more neutral looking? It's just a consideration ^^
Other than that I enjoy this look and the overal presentation is really great and desveres a solid gold from me!
2016-05-19 8:38

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
I really like that you went full in and pulled out the Victorian-esque pieces. And reading your story and following along with the screenies, he definitely looks like a sell sword sort of fellow, one I would not want to mess with.

Hylek and AnaChronism are much much better than I could possibly be at dissecting the pieces and color and where things can be improved on, but I can add that the colors feel more bright than I might like, but still a very nice ensemble.

So glad you decided to share a look and enter the contest! Thanks so much for sharing!
2016-05-20 22:01