[Steampunk] [Updated] Golemtech

By KestrelGirl on May 15th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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12 4
0 1
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"Let me get this straight. I am a golem technician, not a golemancer. Golemancers are wimps. Asura like me actually fix stuff. I personally prefer to use a jolt of electricity to the aetheromatrix."

Sarri's first foray into air magic was a Transatmospheric Weather Converter - in bookah terms, a weather changer. The revolutionary device rapidly got her accepted to the College of Dynamics. From then on, she was hooked. She proceeded to use her skills as an elementalist to conduct various weather-related experiments, but one day, she had an idea: why not fix golems, instead of just bonding with them?
Golems became technology in general - and not just asuran tech. Sarri joined the Priory and went to the Black Citadel to learn the ins and outs of charr machinery. By the time her training was complete, the Pact was already pushing into Orr, so she went with other Priory engineers to Fort Trinity to build airships, submarines, and the like. She was not actually there to see the dragon fall, but she did play an instrumental role in ensuring that the Pact's flagship (the Glory of Tyria) was ready for action.
Sarri was aboard a Pact airship that crashed in Verdant Brink during the failed assault on Mordremoth. She had been assigned to take care of a valuable cargo: dozens of asuran attack golems, specifically designed to rip through plant matter. Sadly, it seems only one survived, and even that one malfunctioned...


Here's my Elementalist, Electrologist Sarri! I used my level 80 boost on her literally right after she hit level 2 (and after I gave her a makeover, of course), and I don't regret it at all. The class is tons of fun... and even better when I'm playing as such a cute asura. :)

Some assorted notes:
- Of course I can't use Droknar's Forgehammer or either of the Fixer-Uppers (there's the elite spec hammer and a mace). Oh well. I used Steam and Aetherized weapons instead since they're steampunk-y and perfect for an air mage (because lightning effects).
- EDIT: The screenshots are no longer crap.

Pics were taken in the Lion's Arch Aerodrome, Imperial Smelter (Black Citadel), Fort Trinity (Straits of Devastation), Camp Resolve (The Silverwastes), and various locations around Verdant Brink and Tangled Depths. Some have MasterEffect; a few are unaltered.


EDIT: added character select pic
EDIT2 12/24/2016: Refreshed some of the pics now that I have a new PC!
EDIT3 1/17/2017: More pics. Full album: https://imgur.com/a/DXoV8

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Fashion Guru
Overall a great upload, I like how much thought you put into the story and the screens
I like her mousy looking haircolour in combiantion with the rest of the dyes, very natural looking
If it weren´t for the Steampunk Contest I might not even have criticized this (and to be fair you are not the only one stepping in that trap), but I acutally miss the Victorian Era aspect of Steampunk a bit; I mean, that´s the main idea behind Steampunk and I don´t really feel any Victorian vibes here clothingwise
But as I said, that is smth that you weren´t the only one guilty of and if I detach this look from the contest it is really a solid upload which is deserving of a gold
2016-05-15 17:30

Fashion Collector
I love the tenth screen so I vote gold. I don't care if someone criticize this presentation. Good job.
2016-05-15 17:30

Fashion Guru
The story is quite cute and I really like your Asura.
The armour looks pretty solid and I like the mixture between the different pieces you used.
Your screens are looking good, as well, I wouldn't call them crappy at all. The only compaint I am having is that your Asura seems to be so "far away" in some of your screens. Some closer screens would be awesome so I could enjoy the details of her look a little bit better :)
I have to agree that steampunk is a bit more than just some engines and mechanical stuff in general so I would have loved to see that aspect but it's really a minor detail and it doesn't change the fact that you delivered a solid look.
2016-05-15 17:47

Elessar Taralom
Really nice look! She surely is adorable, her hair and the goggles look quirky and I find it refreshing to see this top piece as it is so rarely used
While the dyes are really nice and natural I do miss a little smth to make it a bit more interesting, but that´s mostly nitpicking
I think she makes a nice addition to the contest, even though I have to agree with thunderstruck wholeheartedly about the Victorian aspect that a lot of people seem to dismiss
But that being said this remains a quirky little Asura, you put a lot of effort into the upload and therefore this is clearly a gold for me! ^^
2016-05-15 17:51

Ill echo the others to the extend that its doesnt scream "steampunk".
That doesnt make it look any less awesome though!
I love that you chose subtle pieces and dyes to stick to a technical theme! She really looks like a tiny golemancer :D
Fixer-Upper wouldve been really cool with this outfit, but your weapons work very well too!
Gold from me too :)
2016-05-15 18:19

Omg! Thanks everyone!
Everyone but Mithras (lol): I agree, it's not super steampunk, but other forms of -punk are allowed in this contest, so I could say this counts as industrial which is similar. :)
Mithras: It's unfortunate that I couldn't make that one my cover screen. Too sad (though it's sooooo cute!)
2016-05-15 18:34

Nero Angelo
A technical no-nonsense Golemancer.
This is how I like my Asura.
Quirky, Cute, Technical, Practical and most of all not over-the-top Magitech.

I love the use of dyes and I'm especially in love with the Priory gloves adding that engineer-like vibe. (Of course not forgetting the goggles and the body but the gloves are truly essential to me in this armour-combination.)

I'm sure a Golemancer knows this already but gold is a great conductor and as such it's only fitting for me to assist you in your golemancy by sending you all the gold you need.
2016-05-15 18:57

Fashion Guru
It´s just the fact that you also explicitly mentioned steampunk in your description, that´s why I brought it up ^^
2016-05-15 19:01 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Collector
I did not write the rest of the screens, I do not like. I wrote that one of the screen 's most attracted my attention. I did not rate this presentation in terms of competition , but in terms of being very good.
Your character has a climate Fallout. I see that the glove can have a nice cut. The colors show that your character alive and probably sometimes gets dirty up some oil.
2016-05-16 5:06

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
Kestrel, I think your screens have come a long long way! I quite, quite enjoyed these and especially the 7th one (overlooking the burning wreckage).

And yep, while Steampunk is in the title, I was hoping to cover all the sort of "alternative" punk styles of a modern/historic/retro design for the contest.
2016-05-20 21:34

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2016-06-02 6:22