[Cyber Punk] Meet Deadcold - a short parody story

By Iris on May 11th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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His name is Guy, a somewhat lecherous fellow living in the Eastern Quarter in Divinity's Reach. He's a kinda good looking guys who likes to chat up with girls, but one day he fell hard on a lady he met at a bar. He wanted to impress the girl so he went to take out a couple of baddies um.. in a wrong neighborhood. Needless to say, it went bad. So badly that he took a pretty major curse to his heart: a Jormag's corruption that slowly ate his life away. So when his days were numbered, Guy was desperate and reached out to some 'back-alley' asuran scientists who promised to fix him up with a hefty fee.

The asura (Inquests, by the ways) used their cryogenic technology to stop the corruption from spreading throughout his body but somehow changed him fundamentally and totally. He felt... strange; he was so cold that the air around him froze but he didn't feel cold, and all his hair turned white and his eyes were badly blind... Most of all, he felt a super human strength surging within. The Inquests noticed his usefulness and decided to try to brainwash him for their research.

"But I didn't sign up for this ?!!"
"Subject 7X9RD, maybe you should read the fine prints in our Contract next time. Now golems, apprehend him!"

Guy took the first chance he saw to beat up his captors and broke out. In the process, he wrecked their lab and rescued a couple of not-so-bad asura. They told him to search for a clue about his 'body malfuction' in Dessa's Lab. With the Inquest hot on his heel, he escaped to Lion's Arch and found the portal to Fractals, only to discovered that he can never return to his former body and the ladies refused to cuddle with him because he is too damn cold. Enraged by the news, he exacted vengeance to the baddies who created the mess in the first place.

Outlawed by the Inquests for the act of vandalism to a private properties, Guy, now known as Deadcold, turned to seek employment at a local pirate troupe.

"Aren't they called X-ther... something something?"

Let's say that they weren't pleased with how he trespassed their establishment. But nothing can't be talked out right? After all, it's only Day 1.


Hey Guys,

This is one of my old looks that I want to enter the [Steam] Cyber Punk competition. The original can be found here: http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=6902. So I took some new screenshots and slapped in a parody story of Deadpool - :p, to make it more presentable again. Hope you guys enjoy!


Fashion Guru
Nice parody of Deadpool :D
I actually enjoyed the story and I as well like how every of your screens represents your story chronologically.
I think it's an interesting way to recreate his 'case' using the icy elements and it was a smart choice giving him white hair and beard :D
I am a little bit torn about the armour combination. I actaully like the chill and icy theme here and I think the Zodiac top was a very good job but there is a little bit too much Aetherblade- armour for my taste. Maybe some different boots would have worked as well? I like the Winter's Pressence though it's very fitting here.
Overall I think you did a good job and I like it :>
2016-05-12 13:43

Fashion Guru
Hey AnaChronism,

Thank you for your feedback. Regarding the heavy use of Aetherblade armor, I tried a different mix before and it just doesn't feel right. The Boots and Leggings have some obvious clipping issue. The Gloves can be replaced, but there is no current alternative that could tell a story on its own. The Aetherblade gloves make the body more Cyborg-like to contrast with the still human-like head. In the end, I deliberately choose balance over creativity and include the holographic SAB weapon skins to shake up the otherwise plain armor mix.
2016-05-19 14:02

Fashion Guru
Just saw the story on imgur rly nice! :)
2016-08-19 2:10