Xandaer, Mordrem's Bane

By Xandian on May 11th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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Before the rising of Mordremoth Xandaer had been a member of the Priory, and had studied in depth the various venoms of Tyrian fauna. In the Great Triple Headed Worm encountered in Bloodtide Coast Xandaer discovered a potent acidic venom, which, when coupled with the corrupting & infecting qualities of Tequatl's ichor proved to be deadly to all. Now he uses his knowledge to hunt down Priory members who have fallen to the Jungle Dragon in the Magus Falls.
So I am happy with this guy. Basically, I made this toon so I would have somewhere to use my TT Wurm and Teq skins on, he could have the wurm helm on but I prefer the eyepatch. I went for the Toxic Spore Backpiece because the green smoke effect is practically identical to the vapour given off by the wurm skins.


Your look has big potential but screens are a way too dark :( You showed green glowing and it's cool, but would be nice if you add screens with better lightning to show armor combination and dyes :)
2016-05-11 12:10

Fashion Collector
Yes, please, more screens would give us the chance to consider the concept more clearly.
2016-05-11 19:06

Fashion Guru
I can't see anything.
2016-05-11 20:53