Elven Ranger

By SirWarriant on May 7th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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This look was supposed to try to imitate the look of Fantasy Elven archers, such as Tolkiens Wood Elves of Mirkwood. I would love to see what you all think about it.


Looks a lot like Legolas.
2016-05-07 22:39

Elessar Taralom
Really nice look that definitely achieved what you were going for! I especially like the top, legs and boots here as they really convey this fantasy/elvis theme for me
All the weapons you chose fit the theme perfectly, the bow and the dagger fit particularly well
I'd welcome though if you added a few more screens and fleshed out your overall presentation a bit so I can give you a deserved gold!
2016-05-08 4:52

I love your theme ! And I love how you achieve what you were going for ! The only thing I'd've change would be the gloves, maybe you could try the stryder's one. Also the scars on the face isn't really "elfy" but it's still cool !
Very nice job :)
2016-05-08 5:36

Thank you for the comments and feedback guys. I will definitely get some more screenshots up and check out those gloves :)
2016-05-08 5:52

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Nice! with a different bodytype and some better screenshots i think this could be a really good look
2016-05-08 7:28

I absolutely LOVE the armor pieces and the colours youve chosen!!!
Now that you added some more screens i feel like i can give you Gold! :D
Some more srceens, that show your character a bit closer would have been nice, but thats sth. you can focus on next time ;)
For now i just appreciate the awesome dyejob and the elven-like appearence :D
2016-05-08 9:31

Fashion Collector
Good work about this look. But taking what you were looking for, I would change a couple of pieces for fitting it more:

- Quiver: Any of the ascended backpieces' skins would work more, since elves use to look more elegant about forms.

- Shoulder: You could avoid even using them, since the tunic looks good without shoulderpiece on.

- Sword: I would pick the Ceremonial Sabre for fitting the Komalie's theme.

However, good concept and work.
2016-05-08 16:27