Kalya Overkill, The Hellish Warrior

By Krzychoo on May 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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1 6
2 0
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Hello Guys, it is my first submission here, and all constructive feedback is welcome!

I tried to get that demonic look, without succumbing into being a slutty succubus, Only one dye: Oxblood - It was hellish red, yet dark and bloody looking, and i like to think it's a layer of dust and blood on the armor (that's why i decided to go with just one).

I currently have a CoF GS, will update it for Volcanus some day.


Well, it's not bad. Even if I understand why you chose to use only on dye I think you should use at least another one (Charred could look good). Also a screen from character selection would have been better to see your character. Though, I think the boots don't fit, something more "evil" would be better.
The screens are good, you can improve but you make an effort for making more than one ! :)
2016-05-06 8:48

Hi there, thx for input. Boots were the hardest part, i was using CoF ones, but it made the character look too unhuman. Charred is my favourite dye, but i used it in my previous look. Might think of other one.

As for the screens, i set the game to ultra for them, and my laptop barely could handle them, it was a bit difficult, luckily got the main one during an animation.

Also, what makes me mad, is that during emotes, and character screen, the backpiece is invisible, it takes away much of the character.
2016-05-06 10:10 in reply to Pattou

Elessar Taralom
You have a solid design going on here which I mostly approve of; these hellish looking characters are often really in the "slutty" corner of design and I like that you attempted to go for smth different here
I agree with all your armour pieces used except for the boots; they are just so angelic and just-looking, it just doesn´t fit the theme
I agree that the CoF boots are a nightmare to combine, but I think something like Barbaric or Armageddon boots would get the job done better
As for the dyes: using one dye never really works and this is no exception; using Charred would already be a good start to mix up the scheme a bit and I´d advise you to bring in at least a third dye for accentuating, maybe a black shade or some flamy red/orange to match the gloves
As for screens: first of all it´s kinda etiquette to use one screen from the character login so we can see your character in full and natural lighting; I can see that you tried to make some screens and I appreciate that effort! You don´t have to take screens in ultra high resolution of your laptop can´t handle it, but you could still play around with composition and movement a bit more
For example the Field of View and Horizontal/Vertical Sliders are really helpful and make for some great screens! If you don´t want to lose your backpiece, try attacks or utility skills, as they also create some great movement; even running or walking slowly with a weapon in your hand can look really cool
I see that you really tried with this look and while there are already a lot of strong points in this look, I think you can still push yourself a little more!
Silver for now and I hope I can give you a gold after a little rework ^^
2016-05-06 12:24

Fashion Collector
You can just go for Hellfire Boots if you have that much AP. But if you don't, you should try some bulkier intimidating boots.

I like the overall look anyway, but it can be much better.
2016-05-06 18:01