The Grandmaster Tailor

By WarBear on May 5th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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As a young Norn, War Bear was captivated by the sight of foreigners entering his hometown of Hoelbrak. This was first occasion he could remember non-Norns entering the sacred hunting lodge. The visitors were from the esteemed Tailors Guild and had come to tailoring station at the Trade Commons outside the great lodge. While most gawked at how short and oddly shaped the visitors were, War Bear couldn't stop staring at their magnificent garb. For so long he had only ever seen his fellow Norns dressed in animal pelts, furs and leathers. But these Tailors wore robes of exotic colors and fabrics he'd never seen.

The experience stayed with War Bear, and after completing his Great Hunt, he left Hoelbrak to study with the Grandmasters in the Tailors Guild at their Guild Hall in Divinity's Reach. There he learned the art and science of crafting exquisite light armor. Wanting to break away from his traditional roots, War Bear started to experiment with brighter colors and lighter materials rather than the muted tones and fur influences of his kinsman.

Today, carrying his trusty Tailors backpack and wearing his signature cap, War Bear travels around Tyria sharing his passion for tailoring with others.
Hello Everyone. This is my first post to this website, but I've been coming here for a while now. This entire look was inspired by the elegant tailor's backpack. I really loved the colors and details in the embroidery so I wanted to create a skin set and dye theme that would match and compliment the design. Also, I knew I wanted to use the celebratory cap because 1) it's a skin that not everyone has and can't be obtained anymore and 2) I didn't see any looks on this site that I felt effectively incorporated it into the design. Usually it was just Ash Ketchem clones.

The glorious part about this look is that everything is SUPER AFFORDABLE!. The skins can all be crafted at a fairly low level of tailoring, the legs only take about 2 or 3 runs of CoE to earn tokens for. The dyes are dirt cheap, with the most expensive one being dusk, for a couple gold. And the Christmas skins i used on my dagger and scepter are less than a silver each! The only thing is that glorious mustache is norn only, but if you don't have a norn it still looks great with most other beard and mustache options. (And if you don't have the celebratory hat, the adventurer's goggles are a great substitute as well).

Ironically this look started as a joke, but then it evolved into something truly amazing and is now my favorite look so far. Overall I'm really happy with this look, and I hope you guys like it. (Sorry if the screens aren't perfect, I'm realizing how difficult it is to take great screenshots in game. Hopefully it's enough for you all to see the character and the design)


Elessar Taralom
I am a bit torn about this look
One the plus side of this look are definitely the armour, dyes and description
It´s great how you build your dye scheme around the tailor backpack and I do get a really crafty vibe from the whole outfit; it just feels natural and not overworked and it is usually always hard to convince me with male norn!
The description is what a description should be and that´s great
What I don´t like about this look at all is the headpiece; I just don´t feel there is really much at all where this cap can look good on and this look definitely isn´t one of those; I really prefer no headpiece at all here
Plus, the moustache always looks really wonky and doesn´t really convince me
BUT that is only tiny critique and overall I still think you managed to pull off a really good down-to-earth male Norn look, gold!
2016-05-05 16:39

I agree with Elessar Taralom. I don't like the headpiece and the moustache doesn't fit in my opinion. Personally I would aswell hide the shoulders. The idea is nice and the dyes aswell.
2016-05-05 18:33

I instantly got the tailor backpack vibe from your look, well done. The dyes and armor combo are lovely and very original. The description is realy neat too, only the screens could need some work.
I have to agree about the headpiece. I would go without a headpiece, or search an elegant one.
However, I love how you made the whole look affordable, since so many great skins are very expensive, it's nice to see looks like yours with 'simple' pieces^^
It's still a gold from me :)
2016-05-06 4:45

Fashion Guru
The celebration hat is out of place for me.
2016-05-06 9:08

The shoulders I was on the fence about as well but ultimately I kept them for two reasons. 1) without any shoulders that chest piece makes my norn look a bit wonky, I think anyone with a light armor norn knows what I'm talking about. And 2) I liked the natural light blue accent and the light red detailing that come with the piece which complements the details in the backpack.

And lol I knew people might be on the fence about the hat, it's hard to make a baseball cap not feel out of place in the fantasy world of GW2. The mustache I chose on purpose because I thought the fanciest mustache option on the Norn would lend more of a craftsman feel to the look. Afterall, if he spends that much time on his stache, imagine how much time he spends on the clothes he tailors :)

And thank you for the responses and feedback everyone! I'll be working to add more/ better screens over the next few days.
2016-05-06 11:59

Y'all petty
2016-05-06 12:20