Dreaming of Echovald (Kurzick Look)

By Elessar Taralom on May 2nd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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In his dream, Morcar saw Echovald. Huge trees turned into stones in the dim light under a heavy canopy of marble. He saw ancient ruins and wreckage, interwoven with the forest and nearly crumbled. Gargoyles and other monsters made out of stone lurk in the darkness. The only thing that emits a sense of life and brightness is the amber dripping from the trees, indicating that somewhere under this stony exterior, there might still be life in Echovald.

Dreaming of this strange and foreign place, Morcar was taken away by the gothic beauty of the place. He could see massive castles and mansions that blended in so well with the surrounding forest that it seemed like one obscure living thing of bricks and branches. Their dark and sinister beauty was so strong that Morcar couldn´t turn away his gaze from the darkness. His eyes wanted to stay even longer, he wanted to absorb every little detail in this place. He wanted to wander under the great arches of stone with the noblemen and women of these houses. Their names still lay on his tongue when he awoke - Brauer, Durheim, zu Heltzer....
He wasn´t one of them, but he deepy wished he would be. Unable to turn away his gaze from his dream, Morcar was sent into this world blind and with a deep longing for Echovald in his heart. His whole body, his armour seemed to serve only one purpose: to be closer to Echovald. On his search for what Morcar figured to be his real home he even went beyond the Rift, only to return as a Revenant, searching even more frantically for the place from his Dream.
But from the beyond he brought back a hammer and some directions to send him further on his way, towards his destiny and towards Echovald Forest.

Hey guys,

I saw a lot of great tributes to GW1 on the site already and I wanted to contribute to this hommage with my very own Kurzick look! Guild Wars Factions was always my favourite addon of the series (even until today) and what captivated me the most were the Luxon and the Kurzick. While I really loved both of these factions, the Kurzick always resonated deeper with me - the dark gothic atmosphere always fascinated me and even now I think back to Echovald Forest fondly. The atmosphere there was just pure gold! So I am proud that I always was part of the Kurzick! (Please don´t lynch me, Luxon supporters out there! :p)

For this look I wanted to combine the gothic architecture, the petrified vegetation and the amber the Kurzick used for trade. While the top and legs are to resemble the gothic architecture and the noble nature of the Kurzick, The forms just felt right to me. With gloves and boots in particular I tried to symbolize petrified plants and the amber theme was included in shoulders, headpiece and the weapons.
Dyewise I kept on the darker side, but since Echovald Forest also wasn´t completely dead and devastated, I incorporated some dull green shades in there. The orange in the shoulders and headpiece are a subtle hint at the amber that the Kurzick used as a mean of trade.
Of course I had to use this hammer and with the rest of the weapons I tried to find a balance between amber and gothic inspired styles.

Screening was made a lot easier by Hylek pointing me towards the WvW castle; it just captures the Kurzick´s style so well! I am pretty sure there is even concept art for the Echovald Forest on the walls. Even if that place was as close as it could get, I wish I could have travelled back to the real place and screen there; nothing will ever be able to quite catch the creepy atmosphere and the haunting feeling that place evoke in me back then.

I hope some of the GW1 veterans among you can feel at least a little bit of the nostalgia I tried to wake with this look and for the people who never played GW1: I hope this look made you maybe a little bit interested in the beauty that was this game and its concepts! I had tons of fun creating this look, so let me know what you think of him ^^

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Fashion Collector
kurzick for life!!! I always loved gw1 and you nailed this look
at first I was like: why are these orange things there? but after reading your story it´s obvious that you put so much thought in every little detail
this look is ART, the screens are diverse and interesting, it´s an hommage to gw1, the story is beautiful....I just don´t find anything about this look NOT intruiging, one of my absolute tops on this site
2016-05-02 9:11

I don't really know who the Kurzicks are but it is a very original look! Love especially the 2nd row middle picture. Gold!
2016-05-02 9:36

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this look!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Kurzick of the Echovald Forest were my absolute favorite group of people in all gw1! I loved the gothic architecture and the amber and just the whole place so much ^,^
And ofc i absolutely adore this look! The idea of the ambers in his shoulder-piece is sooooo cool! His quite stony armor, with these tiny bits of moss-covered green captures the essence of the Echovald just perfectly!
I absolutely love this! Gold for years ;D
2016-05-02 9:36

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I always love seeing characters based on guild wars 1 things. i have been trying myself and also been waiting for someone to do kurzick or luxon. i can say u look like u belong in arborstone mission haha. those plant monsters. i am not 100% in with the weapon choice. i am guessing they are made of amberite right ? :D but i think gothic weapon skins would fit u better ^^ like Unspoken curse and dreadwing ^^ also not sure about shoulders. need some more explanation for that. but still a great kurzick look! i am fan. gold
2016-05-02 11:48

Elessar Taralom
The main currency of the Kurzick is amber, so I wanted to incorporate that into the look ^^
I chose the shoulders as these little spikes just look like beautifully glowing amber to me and that´s why I also chose those weapons to tie everything together; as I also went for cultural armour in other places they didn´t feel too out of place to me
I just wanted to present multiple aspects of the Kurzick, so I didn´t only limit myself to gothic looking weapons ^^
Thank you for the nice feedback as always!
2016-05-02 11:52 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Omg, I didn't think we could make a Kurzick look but you did! In Guild Wars I was Luxon, but this look is so great
It's a very unique idea and armor combination with those amber weapons ^^
The dyes couldn't be better :)

Oh, and of course, the screenshots are very very good. It would be nice to have more "Kurzick-ish" zones in Guild Wars 2 :)

Good job, GOLD!
2016-05-02 11:58

I love it ! Your theme is so original and you nailed it ! The armor mix is perfect and the screens are beautiful.
Even though I'll always support the luxons (half-naked armor with tattoos and jewels for everyone \o/) I'm gonna give you a gold :D
2016-05-02 12:02

Fashion Guru
Oooh my lord I am so amazed by this look!
You captured the essence of your theme in such a perfect way and I simply love the armour mix! The top piece looks really gothic- like and I am blown away how carefully and well you chose every single piece to match the theme.
The little spikes on the shoulders combined with the Ambrite- weapons are spot on and sooo awesome and so are the dyes! It's just too awesome how everything is merched perfectly together you really payed attention to every little detail.
The screens are stunning as well every single one looks beautiful and I am just in love with your Sylvari
Forever Gold!!!
2016-05-02 18:43

Most of your looks are amazing, but this one just ranked as my all time favorite !
Kurzick and Echovald was my favorite part of the lore back in GW1, and I was hoping to see a Jade forest-themed style appear one day. I won't beat around the bush, this is just flawless.
The design fits perfectly the Echovald forest, your screens are amazing (but this is not surprising anymore) and the amber weapons bring even more realism to the design. On a side note I'm not particularly fan of the staff, even tho I guess it fits the theme pretty well (I just don't really like this design ^^).

But what really allows this style to perfection is by far the colors. How you managed to incorporate silver tones to an overall "dusky" design gives the whole thing a gothic vibe more than welcome for a Kurzick inspired stuff.

Gold like always, but this one is wayyyy more personal than the previous ones ;)
2016-05-03 9:43

Elessar Taralom
really great to hear such a heartfelt feedback, thank you so much!
I was hoping that some people would be reminded of the great times they had in gw1 ^^
do you have another idea for a fitting staff? I mostly took this one cause of its gothic appeal, but I agree that it looks a bit weird especially for a staff used for beating stuff xD
2016-05-03 10:27 in reply to Cykomore

I was a bit sceptical, when I saw your look for the first time. because erverthing seemed a bit too dark for me. Then I searched some echovald screens form gw1 (I need to play factions till the end haha), and now I think, you did an amazing job^^
I love the amber on the shoulders, I love the 'petrified' gloves and boots and the gothic look of the chest and leggins. With your look and your screens, you captured the echovald feeling perfectly as far as I can tell. The ambrite weapons work great with the amber glow and the staff brings more of the gothic feeling. The castle in wvw is the perfect location. The ventari legend glow on the hands fits so well into the dye scheme, which is cool!
Your screens are awesome as always^^
So gold and amber for you :)
2016-05-03 12:15

Super cool Kurzick look ! I really like the idea of mixing gothic style, petrified plants, and amber! The chest/legs combo is so cool and with those colors it really screams gothic to me. Even though I wasn't sure about the shoulders at first (not because of the plant aspect or the colors, it's just that I think it clashes a little bit to much with the chest), I think the amber on them is a great idea and match the weapons perfeclty!
Also I love the hairstyle^^
As I didn't play GW1 I searched a bit about Echovald and when I look at your character I really imagine him living there! The style of your armor fits perfectly with the gothic architecture and the vegetation! :)
Gold !
2016-05-03 13:13

Fashion Guru
2016-05-03 14:23

i haven't played gw1 and didn't know about kurzick until you uploaded this look :D (i just had to google it)
but this look really seems to fit the theme you were going for, as far as i can judge it :P
apart from that i really love that you associated the little "gems" on his shoulders with amber. they look really nice with the ambrite weapons!
all in all a really nice look :)
2016-05-03 15:57

Well I haven't touched GW2 in like almost two months, so I'd need to go back into the wardrobe to refresh my mind a bit ^^
2016-05-03 16:52 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Great Sylvari!! Great kurzick look! A sylvari is perfect for this look!
I love everything about this look, especially the outstanding shoulders!
Most screenshots are a bit dark, but I can understand that there is no much light in echovald, so it's okay.
I want to see more more more of this! Gold! :D
2016-05-04 2:18

As I probably said, I didn't play GW1, even without this I can say your look is pertect (as a tribute to gw1 and as a look by itselfe)
Unfortunately I can't hype about Kurzik, but I can still hype about your skill of creating looks and taking screens :D
Another great job with another my gold ^_^
2016-05-04 6:25

This is unbelievably baller and it definitely captures the kurzick feel! I was skeptic at first, but your screens are breath-taking--and the entire outfit really captures the whole.. MADE OF STONE look. My only criticism(and this is just NITPICKING, by no means like a real down to the outfit!) is the presence of the green and orange--I thought it was okay to be monotone here--but its obvious that this was your take on it! It's FABULOUS and muchos cajones in taking screens out in the borderlands xD (though not so sure how much action desert BL saw, really). KUUUUDOS~!
2016-05-05 6:16

Elessar Taralom
I mostly hid in the castle that belonged to our server and was safe and sound between NPCs and walls, so no cajones involved xD
Thank you so much for your great feedback! ^^
2016-05-05 16:33 in reply to Professor

Fashion Collector
Probably you are in so high fashion level that I can not understand what you did here. Maybe because I didnt play GW 1 I dont know
2016-05-22 18:17

Elessar Taralom
Maybe if you don´t even understand what this look is about at all you could read the description and try to understand my reasoning, because I pretty much explained every armour piece I chose
Would be appreciated before you give a bad vote
2016-05-22 18:21 in reply to Colosso

Wow these screens are amazing.
2017-05-02 2:15