Fiery Dragon Knight

By Chro on April 29th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Hey guys :)

I really love that helmet so I wanted to create a look around it. And as I didn't own a female heavy armor char, I created one just for that helmet :)
Soo I was browsing through the wardrobe when I discovered that those gloves look pretty awesome in combination with Magmaton and Titans' Vengeance.. that made me create this look :)
A friend of mine said that she looked like a dragon knight and I thought that kinda fits her, so I've gone for that title :P

I know Fires of Balthazar would be a nice addition to this look but it looked too brownish imo and I wanted to go without a backpiece anyway.
Also I wasn't sure about the sword at first as it doesn't fit the style of the axe.. Primordus sword would surely be more fitting but I just don't like its style.. it looks so silly imo :/ So I looked through the wardrobe and decided to use Firebringer. The fire effects are just too perfect for this look.

If anyone wonders about her skin tone and why I didn't contrast it to the armor: The metal parts shall match her skin in order for the chestpiece to not look too cut off. Also the armor should be part and parcel of her :)
Unfortunately there are some clipping issues with the Arah legs and Phalanx boots but I tried to cover them and now barely notice them. That clipping was the reason I couldn't use more goldish dyes at the boots without them looking ridiculous. But I think it works out well this way, too.


If you want to see her without helmet/ heavy armor, click here:


Nice job - love how the top/pants work together! Have a gold!
2016-04-29 13:17

Fashion Collector
Aha... good, it shows what I thought, indeed. A nice mix of pieces with a well worked dye scheme. Gratz for the look.
2016-04-29 13:32

Wow, your dyes look awesome and they let the armor look like molten metal.
I think it was hard to design a heavy armor fire look without using the classic cof armor. You did a relly great job! Gold!
2016-04-29 13:37

The lava/fire theme works well with your look! Great job, gold from me! :)
2016-04-29 13:47

Elessar Taralom
I always loved this helmet and you managed to create such a unique look around it, I love it!
She really looks like some kind of dragon hybrid and the screens are particularly amazing!
While I am personally not a big fan of the boots at all, I can forgive you for the use of the heels in this case, because the overall look is just too stunning!
Have all my gold ^^
2016-04-29 14:57

The dyes are perfect! The shoulders fit very very well with those dyes.
You also did very good screenshots, I love all of them but the most I guess are the first one after the main image and the last one of the desert.
I like aswell that you used dark skin, they are harder to make it look cool (at least to me) but you did very good! :)
2016-04-29 15:15

Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate your opinions/ comments :)
2016-04-29 16:08

Thanks a lot :)
Actually I didn't want to use these boots because so many heavy armor females use them :/ Also I understand your point with the heels. I thought the flame legion boots would be perfect for a dragon-like look but sadly they look plump.. very ungraceful^^ Additionally I don't like how most of the boots look with the arah legs (they are kinda too short).. so these are really the ones that looked good imo.
But I am glad you could forgive me and like it nonetheless! :P
2016-04-29 16:16 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thanks a ton! I'm glad you like it that much :)
I used to make my Sylvaris light-skinned and shiny because I thought they would only look good that way.. so I'm happy that you also like her with dark skin :)
2016-04-29 16:21 in reply to Migg

Fashion Guru
THIS! This is how you create a great fire look!
2016-04-29 19:22

Amazing fire look!
I love how you held back with actual fire-armor!
The colours are spot on and the axe looks awesome here :O
On top of that these great screenshots, Gold for you!

PS: in hopefully near future you might see my own take on a fire look ;D
2016-04-29 20:12

Fashion Collector
Oh my gosh, Chro you did it again!!!11elf. Your Tree look so spicy and hot! Perfect match of colors and armor. It's just godlike! I love all your Looks *-*. #official Chro Fanboy. Can i have an autograph for my big Chro-Fanwall?
2016-04-30 5:45

Thank you guys :)

I'm looking forward to your fire look Hylek ;)
2016-04-30 6:27

I love all your looks, too Domdom-sensei :P You should upload more! The last one was terrific *-* I really love your cute ele, it's a shame I never got to see her ingame! :o
2016-04-30 6:33 in reply to Nougi

Heavy armor is really difficult to look good, but both your recent designs did it. Gold!
2016-04-30 6:36

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
wow chro! u look awesome! a flame themed sylvari is always unique to see. and alot of ppl try to do that. but u definitely stand out in the crowd.
2016-04-30 8:35

I'm amazed, how you make the chest and leggins fit so well together and make the armor look like glowing lava with just the dyes. Also the boots and the helm are my favourite one in the game, so I just have to love it xD
Weapons fit perfect for the look and your screens are awesome!
Easy gold!
2016-05-01 7:23

thanks a lot guys, you are awesome :)
2016-05-01 16:01

Fashion Guru
I love this look so much!
The helmet is one of my favourites of all time and I love it here so much. The armour combo itself looks so gorgeous I even don't mind the boots which I usually do because I hate those heels but here it looks so awesome.
This whole theme is great and the weaponchoice is on spot. I reeeally love the dyes and your perfectly taken screens.
There is really not much to say so just take my gold, take all of it!
2016-05-04 6:43

Whoa, she is on fire!
It kinda reminds me of harpy or even minotaur (all cuz of horns and hoof-like boots :D) Also Grasping Dead Legguards always seems to be out of place in each heavy looks, but here looks just perfectly :)
I love your dye job on shoulders, looks like from some Flamewalker set :D
And this everything on great screens, gorgeous! :)
2016-05-04 6:45

thanks so much you two :) i'm glad that you like it!
2016-05-06 10:54

I absolutely love this look! Can I just ask what colour you used for the Sylvari's skin? It pairs so well with the charred armour thing she's got going on
2016-05-23 16:12

tyvm! ^-^
yes of course! i'm not 100% sure because i can't look it up (don't own a makover kit atm), but i feel quite certain that it has to be dusk (or maybe night, but that might be too dark) with a red skin pattern (second pattern from upper row) and red skin glow.
2016-05-23 17:46 in reply to Jacket

It's funny how it looks so much bluer without the armour :P
Anyway thanks! You've got a great eye for fashion btw, gold from me
2016-05-25 13:29

Thanks again ;)
I guess it was the color night after all! :D You are right, dusk looks a bit too blue, I just compared them^^
2016-05-25 17:05 in reply to Jacket

Love the fire look
2017-09-05 10:29

Fashion Guru
Outstanding! That's a perfect usage of colors, especially the shoulderguards! I'm also surprise to see the Hellfire Vambraces fitting so well ! It's not that easy to archieve.
Gold for days :D
2018-01-22 9:47

Gr8 one!
2018-03-07 18:03

2018-04-02 1:41