• Between Solar Systems •

By Billy on April 27th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
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33 15
6 0
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—— My mesmer, Venkress - Somewhere on Korriban...


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Fashion Guru
I am scared ! She's soooo scary damn... Is she gonna kill us all ?
Awesome use of the mask and hood, it's great and I love your armor mix.
The screens are good too, but maybe it's just me, some looks a bit different, like a lower quality than the others, probably just me though.
Anyway big gold !
2016-04-27 12:40

Holy sith, I love this! :P Gold!
2016-04-27 12:57

Fashion Collector
Thank you :]
Yes that's right about the lower quality, i needed to pull off the shaders for a better combination between the mask and the head, if you know what I mean. But unfortunately the texture doesn't look so good because of that...
2016-04-27 13:03 in reply to Pattou

OMG That sith theme just got me...I'm a huge Star Wars fan and this really made the click. The mask itself made me remember Darth Maul from Episode I, great look! Gold!
2016-04-27 13:48

Fashion Collector
She's really intimidating! Excellent execution on the Sith theme. The armor mix is solid, and you definitely seem to have put a lot of thought into this. Great work!
2016-04-27 17:30

Totally made me think of Ventress as soon as I saw it. Awesome work.
2016-04-27 17:54

Sweet mother of Gwad this is very, very nice look
I'm wondering what's your second weapon set choice
2016-04-28 5:39

Like it! Just watched Star Wars 7 again and after seeing the masked Badass.. This is cool!

And the title brought up a cool song right back to my mind!

Apart from that.. ofc i love the mix, the weapons aree veerrry nais and im a fan of it especially with the Bladed Hood on :)
Gold from me
2016-05-04 17:47

Fashion Collector
Thanks a lot! :D
The title is taken from a song actually, from a band I love: "The Land Between Solar Systems" by Múm
2016-05-04 18:11 in reply to Vendson

With the plasma skins in the game, I looove seeing these Star Wars characters, and your Sith is by far one of my favorites, especially the hooded look!
2017-01-17 3:04

Violent Muffin
She looks RAD AF! Fantastic! :D
2017-02-04 9:05

This is pure gold
2017-08-26 12:46