The Demon Lord

By Eremite on April 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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3 5
2 0
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Hello! I re-did my Revenant and hopefully it looks better this time! Trying to fit a theme to the Ghastly Grinning Shield =)


There was a demon in him. Or so he was told. He had experienced episodes of blackouts and could never remember what had happened when he awoke. The villagers feared him and drove him out of the town. He could never understand their actions. Yet deep down, he knew he was different. He knew he was dangerous.

And so he traveled to the wastelands of the north and found solace. For in loneliness, he could harm no one.

It wasn't long after he settled down before he blacked-out again. And when he awoke, he was taken aback by the many creatures grovelling at his feet, bowing meekly before him.
Demons numbering in the thousands that stretched in a teeming mass far into the horizon.

He gave a helpless chuckle, shaking his head slowly.
So now I am a Demon Lord?


I think it looks better than your previous version!
What irritates me are the colours on the shoulders (and maybe helmet too). I think you should swap the colours there, so that the metallic lines on the shoulders are black, just like on your chest-piece.
Im also not entirely sure about the gloves, they dont really fit in here imo :S
Maybe you should go for some simpler ones (with spikes too?) ... the new triumphant gloves might work well :P
I do love the boots and helmet! The spikes (especially from the boots) fit the demon thematic very well and the boots are rarely used i think.
Last but not least, your screenshots are amazing! :D
2016-04-24 11:53

Thanks for the thoughts! I'll go try out your suggestions shortly in-game!
2016-04-25 10:57 in reply to Hylek