Ophelia of Dawn

By ElisabetaDeStella on April 22nd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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I am looking for a dye a third dye for her armor. Since she has a theme with sunrise in mind, I am trying to find a blue that would look great with her or even a nice gold. Maybe if there is a nice light gold like the gold in Dwayna wings then that could work great.

I just wanna find a color that will go great with electro yellow, and electro peach.


Frost Breeze comes to mind. Something around that area of the spectrum would match Sunrise - and her hair!
2016-04-22 18:11

Fashion Collector
I'm no Sylvari specialist but not using bunny ears will help your look.
2016-04-22 22:16

Elessar Taralom
First of all: yeah, no Bunny Ears, they look weird with this look
As a nice blue hue you could maybe try Electro Blue, Glint´s Sanctuary or Glint´s Purview
2016-04-23 5:14

If you are still taking suggestions, I'm a fan of Brook.
2016-04-24 9:05

I feel bunny ears are a no go on sylvari but thats because i like my outfits to be quite lore friendly. However she does look pretty cute!
2016-04-28 10:18