Commander of the Secret Order

By Roamin on April 21st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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They are servants of the six gods, sworn to protect what's holy in this world. Only few know about them. they work in the secrecy, and their divine light will smite any unholy being threatening Tyria.
They are "The Order of the Six" and she is their commander.

Hey guys! o/
So my guardian recently had it's 3rd birthday, and i've long wanted to give her a new look, but never really been able to figure something out. but now i've finally found something i'm happy with! :D
The way i see Guardians, are like what you often know as a Paladin from most other rpgs. holy warriors, and i wanted get a little of that feeling into this look, which i personally think the greatsword and Carapace Tassets accomplishes quite well.
I also tried to implement a bit of mystery to her personality, with my choice in dyes and the eyepatch which she tries to cover with he hair.
Hope you enjoy it!?


Not the most original armor combo, but nice story!
2016-04-21 21:43

Fashion Guru
maybe, I'm just a big fan of the Phalanx chest and the rest was just what i found fit the style i was looking for best :)
2016-04-21 21:55 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Guru
You chose a great color scheme. While the armor pieces may not make the most incredible/unique combo, the dyes more than make up for that in my books. And they tie in nicely with the greatsword too, which is a plus.

Fantastic screenshots too. Good job!
2016-04-22 2:36

I love her!
You really made the most out of this armor combo. One of my guildies was wearing the chest-leggins-combo for some time and it looked really boring, but with your dyes and choice of the other armor pieces, I find her just awesome!
The weapons also fit great and I love your screens.
Great job! Gold ;)
2016-04-22 3:07

Fashion Guru
glad you two like it :D

about the whole originality thing. the way i see it is, not so much if i've seen 2 items being used together quite often, it's not 2 items alone giving the flavor and unique features alone.
I've tried to make a quick search on the site, found a total of 16 other female characters using this chest/leg combo, none of which were going for similar style to my core idea with this look.
idk, it might just be me, but i don't find looks unoriginal based alone on 1-2 items i've seen used together alot. but more the overall flavor in the style as a total. and here, i personally can't think of any look i've seen before with a similar style using these type of these items.
On a little sidenote, I've seen other looks being praised for their originality, while the flavor of these styles being something i've seen way more than this. I'm not saying this only as a response to your comments on my look, but all of the above is something i've noticed in a lot other posts from other people before, and I don't really think it's a fair way of judging them.
2016-04-22 4:03

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
u did a nice job with the dyes and great timed screens!
2016-04-22 8:27

I think the armor pieces youve chosen are quite common, especially the chest and leg-piece. However you combined it in a very interesting way!
And i loooove your colour-concept!!!
Your screens are also very nice!
Gold :P
2016-04-22 9:11

Fashion Guru
yea, i've become quite aware of the common chest/leg pieces, though I did try almost any other combination I could think of, and nothing seemed to fit as well as this did, i'm not going to choose different skins than the ones I like the most just because they might be common :)
I'm glad you like the colors and screenshots, those were the main things i focused on when making this :D
2016-04-22 9:30 in reply to Hylek

Elessar Taralom
I agree about the chest/leg combo with pretty much everyone before me; I wouldn´t necessarily call it unoriginal, I just saw this mix so often (I also used it myself for quite a while) and these two pieces being the central piece of the look they do set the mood pretty much
However, the rest of this look and especially its presentation are so well crafted that I could never give you less than gold!
The screens are beautiful, seeing people invest so much effort into the presentations of their look just has to be valued!
The dyes look so good together, I would never have expected bronze and silver hues working together this well! Your weapons are spot on and minor details aside this is still a more than goldworthy look for me!
2016-04-22 10:05

Fashion Guru
hehe, I will try to find some less used items for my next look :D
I think i spent about ½ a day finding locations and taking my screenshots, and another ½ day delaying uploading it because i couldn't figure out how to write this short simple story (i'm really bad at that part :P). so i'm really happy you enjoy the work i put into the presentation ^^
2016-04-22 10:29

I really like her. *.* All I can say has already been said. So there is nothing else to do except of leaving a gold for you. :)
2016-04-22 13:30

Nice job! I love her
2016-04-22 16:34

Fashion Guru
The armor mix is rather common but the story and screenshots are very nice.
2016-04-22 21:39

Fashion Guru
This is quite impressive! I love your use of color and how it adds depth to the armor. You also had a clear goal and accomplished something rather unique yet clearly defined.
This came together beautifully, and you did a wonderful job capturing it with your screenshots!
2016-04-22 23:26

Fashion Guru
Carapace Tassets? Kymswarden Greatsword? Bronze colored paladin? Think you might have a place for me in your ranks, Commander? ( Joking aside, though, it's nice to see someone else had similar thoughts for their guardian. I always feel a little biased commenting on looks or concepts similar to mine but even so I think you did a really good job here. But, before going into in-depth commentary about this look, I'd like to explain my thought process on how I give medals (if you can forgive my rambling) especially since above there seems to be a difference in opinion on how certain categories should be judged. If you want to skip to my review of your look, drop down two paragraphs.
Rating Armor Mix and Dyes Choices are pretty straight-forward for me, I try to avoid personal taste and rate mostly based on cohesion; do the armor pieces appear to fit with one another, do the dyes form a good palette, are the choices reflective of the acesssories of the character (weapons, backpiece, minis, gliders, pets, etc.)? For screenshots, I prefer to judge on creativity and variety: are there multiple angles, decent lighting, a full body screenshot, and atleast one screen per every acessory used (weapon, backpiece, glider, pets, mini, etc.)? The FAQ isn't specfic on how one should rate descriptions so I take an either/or approach; if you have a backstory for your character or explain the choices in your look I think it satisfies that category.

Originality is a harder beast to judge, and I can see it's a topic of contention in this look. With some exceptions, I overall agree with your opinion. For originality I judge on two-tiers. Have "both" the armor pieces and concept been used before? If the armor pieces have, I look at how many and which have been used. My cut-off point is 50 percent. Anything more than 3/6 or 2/5 pieces (some looks dont' use shoulders/helms/gloves) of the same set or from a previous stylist I would consider a decline in originality. As for which pieces, I take a page from the Color Clash rules: "to count as wearing the armor set, your look must contain at least the chest, leggings, and boots of the armor set". So, if a stylist has too many similar armor pieces AND share the same concept as a previous look, then I would rate their originality low.
Your concept is definitely intriguing and it makes me think of a combination of Indiana Jones and an exclusively human Order of Whispers organization. I think this is reflected nicely in your screenshots. There's a lot of variety, and both the in motion and at rest screens speak to her character. One thing I would've liked to see added is more screens of the holy artifacts she's protecting (maybe like in the Priory library) or of her devotion to the Gods (like praying or kneeling to a statue). As others have said, while your armor pieces are common, I think you definitely make up for it in your interesting concept and presentation.

Your dye palette is quite warm and adds a level of realism to this character which I think is accentuated by your choice of asymetric shoulders. They're fitting to an archer and complement her asymetric hairstyle nicely. I have a few nitpicks though. For a character in an organization that serves the Six Gods, I would've liked to see more winged motifs, either in the boots or gloves. I think a different set of gloves would better reflect this character's theme--either her archery through a set of asymetric gloves (Phalanx?), or her devoutness through a set of winged gloves (Ornate Guild?).I understand heavy boots are generally difficult to match and these were probably your best option but what do you think of the new boots that came out (Triumphant)? I think the decoration on them would match the butterfly detail on your legs nicely. Despite that however, I think you did well with your choice of chest and legs--they're quite fitting together and the ornate nature adds to her theme.

Overall, this look has a decent description, a nice concept, a good compilation of screenshots that could be added on to show her devout nature, and great composition of armor/dyes/weapon choice that could be touched upon to show more realistic or god-like themes.
2016-04-23 15:23

Fashion Guru
That was a lot of text to read! :)
Ofc you can have a place in my ranks!
I first of all want to make 1 thing clear, I do not disagree with the comments talking about the armor combo not being the most original, as it clearly has been used often enough, and i do not blame anyone for giving lower ratings here. and I'm sorry if my comments have been understood otherwise.
I did however notice that the ratings in Armor mix seemed to be affected by this aswell,which made me make a respond about my view on originality.
It's difficult for me to say for sure, as i can only really see the ratings on my own posts, but i've had the feeling on a lot of other posts i've seen from other people, that their armor mix rating was also affected by the originality, which in my opinion it should not.
As for my choises in armor, my concept for was slightly inpired by the Brotherhood without banners from GoT.
I did look at some of the items you are mentioning here while making this look, especially Phalanx gloves as i also liked its asymetric look.
I do have a few reasons for not using phalanx gloves though.
1. I wanted the armor to have some sort of realism to it, and i felt phalanx gloves took too much away from this.
2. I was in love with this shoulderpiece and ended up picking Ascalonian gloves as they matched this a lot better.
As for the boots, I originally made this look just before the patch, and was not aware of the "Triumphant" existance, though i must still say, that even though they do add a bit more flavor to the whole "servants of the gods" part of the story, they again take a bit too much away from the realism, and the style being quite a bit different from what i've used on shoulder/gloves, they would give some imbalance in style which i do not like.
(I i am aware that phalanx chest and carapase Tassets doesn't scream realism either, but this is exactly why i felt i couldn't add more of this).
I hope this clarifies some of the choises i've made when making this style.
2016-04-23 17:34 in reply to Ursaring

Fashion Guru
I just want to chime in my own two cents here, as well. Like Ursaring said, the whole argument about how original something looks is tricky to make. There's rarely a clear-cut "yes" or "no" answer to the question of whether something is original (unless we're talking, say, the infamous female meta thief, but that's another point). Perspective plays a large role in how someone view originality; some people may notice certain looks more than others, and so they would naturally see it as less original each new time they see it. Others may rarely if never see such a look, and to them it would then be rather original. It's never black-and-white, but a whole lot of gray areas when it comes to this.

And, to be blunt, nowadays nothing is ever truly and absolutely original. There's always something, or many things, that you've seen or heard of that can unintentionally influence your decisions and actions, and that's not necessarily a bad thing (apologies if my above comment made it sound like I thought that it was bad). Having people say that a look isn't wholly original doesn't have to mean it was a poor choice. Sometimes certain looks are just that good, and work well.
That ended up longer than I originally intended. Just another wall of text, whoops. Ultimately, the biggest question you should ask whether YOU like the look. It's nice to get feedback at times, especially if you're uncertain about parts of it, but in the end, your own satisfaction with the look is what matters most. You are, after all, the one who has to look at it the most.
2016-04-23 18:37 in reply to Roamin

Fashion Guru
I fully agree with you. i only wanted to share a slight concern i've had about how it seems some people sometimes tend to link armor mix and originality a bit more than it should, there's a reason they have separate sliders after all. :)
(based on "studying" some looks on the comments they've gotten and how their ratings seem to have changed, which again is difficult as I can only see the medal and not the slider ratings, so I might be wrong).
2016-04-23 19:22 in reply to Tetrama

the dyes are very beautiful and look awesome on this outfit *-*
2016-04-24 10:36

Fashion Guru
Though the chest- bottom- situation is quite common it still works for me. One of my characters had this combination for a long time as well so it doesn't really bother me so much also it's still pretty so why not using it?
I like the rest of the armour as well, the shoulders are very nice and I like the fact that you used something that's not "over the top" or too big. Same goes for the gloves and the boots they kinda keep the look on a bit more natural side which I really like.
I also adore the dyes! Gold always works for me and in combination with the brownish and bronze tones it really looks nice.
Screens are beautiful and it deserves Gold! :3
2016-04-26 6:24

I don't care if the chest/legs combo has been seen a lot. I think almost every combo has been done at least once now, so it's hard to come up with something unique and new.
And I think you don't necessarily have to find a new combo to look good or original! As you already said, it's important to look at the whole look, and the other pieces you chose definitely make it look pretty original in my opinion ! ;)
I especially love the colors, and the gloves/boots combo ! :)
Also the choice of weapons and your screens are perfect !
It's so pleasant to look at your screens, they are so beautiful and clean. I just love them !
I can tell you spent a lot of time and effort in your presentation ! Keep up the good work :D
2016-04-26 21:23

Like it has been said, some of the skins are seen a lot but honestly? I love how you combined them. I see them a lot and I have used them myself too because of how great they look in my opinion but because of it being common to see, it doesn't really call my attention anymore. However, your combination did and I love it. Love the armor choice and I really like the dyes as well. The hair isn't usually one of my favourites either but to be honest, this is not about my personal preferences, I really like the entire look anyway. Good mix in my opinion! And I love the screenshots too. :)
2016-04-28 23:33