Toxic Science

By grayskull on April 21st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
2 5
2 0
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I love the new Toxic Scientist weapon set and i wanted to base a look around them as my character was a Condi Engineer i though this was very fitting so i designed this mad scientist super villain look i think it came out quite well.

the Dyes has been edited because of some of the suggestions people have made here hope you like it. Oh and new pictures taken.


Fashion Guru
I dont normally give silvers but ... this look has a lot of potential! I love the use of scarlets armor here. If I could suggest that maybe swap out one of the black dyes, like shadow abyss to a grey shade, maybe cinders ... or even a brown shade like Walnut. I see what your going for but double black lacks originality and there are other dyes even Charred that would look good here. And more screens please! :D
2016-04-21 10:47

I think you could use the charred dye because of how it looks a bit "metallic". Maybe use a less bright green, or only one the gloves and shoulders to add more contrasts and look less like a flashy green thing.
Lot of potential as Purgatori says, keep going ;D
2016-04-21 12:24

I think he's awesome!
He really looks like a mad scientist, who's experimenting with toxic things and his face looks like some experiments might have gone a bit wrong and leave him with some scars.
Armor and dyes are great and fit the weapons so well.
I'm usually not a fan of the backpack, but yours is one of the looks, where it just looks awesome.
Maybe some contrast with the black dyes would be cool, like the others suggested (charred dye is always great, it's a multi-talent xD).
However, it's a gold from me ;)
2016-04-22 3:45

Oh thank for reminding me i did add new dyes to this look just forgot to update the dye panel DERP! =B
2016-04-22 3:50