Mastercrafted Ursine armor, Witcher 3

By Dessmond Halsterk on April 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Hey ho! First entry on this site. This is a recreation of some of the armor you can find within Witcher 3 as a full melee focussed Geralt of Rivia.

My character's not on point considering looks and scarring Geralt has, it's the armorpieces that count in this submission.



Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
U should add a link of the one u are cosplaying! so we can see where u are going. also if u want a scar. take mask of the wanderer from the gemstore. add some more screenshots and i think it could be something good ^^
2016-04-17 19:23

I like it.
2016-04-17 19:24

Dessmond Halsterk
Added a screenshot found on Imgur to preview the set! ^^

Also, yes I am thinking of getting him a wanderer mask, but I'm out of transmutation charges as it is. o3o
2016-04-17 20:04

I played witcher 3 and thanks to the koda legguards I intantly knew, which armor you were going for.
I would change the shoulder from chain to plate, since this is how it is in the original and try to match the dyes a bit more. The steel dye looks too light on chest and leggins.
Some screens in daylight would be nice, too.
Overall I really like your idea and it's a solid first look :)
2016-04-18 3:57

Elessar Taralom
I like the direction you are headed in and even without it being a cosplay, it would work as a seasoned fighter kind of style ^^
Looking at the reference and your outfit I feel like there is a bit too much green in the top
Some more screens and a little more description are always welcome, but seeing that this is your first upload, you still got plenty of time to get into that ^^
2016-04-18 4:39

Dessmond Halsterk
The shoulderplates I wished to add to this are the Guild shoulders, vanilla ones. Never really PVP'ed that much in the early years but I'mma see if I can fit something nice.

Banded shoulders clip so heavily it hurts my eyes :P
2016-04-18 7:32

Dessmond Halsterk
Added a few more screenshots with daylight and the front picture looks alot clearer now! - Thanks for the comments, I think this looks good enough for my own taste. More to be added in the future!
2016-04-18 10:55