Nomad of the Arid Sands

By Binny Babbit on April 16th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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He is said to be one with the desert. For as long as anyone can remember, he has watched over these barren lands of Tyria. Fleeting as a speck of sand in the wind, he never stays in one place; he is a drifter at heart. When night falls, he may wander into a camp and sit down quietly, asking for neither food nor shelter. The next day, he often disappears as wordlessly as he came.

Though blind in both eyes, he relies on the voices of the sands to guide him. His ever-reliable staff, rumored to be imbued with the power of the elements, is always by his side. He has appeared by many a wounded person's side, healing them with his water magic. Many inhabitants of the desert have also reported campfires starting by themselves, which they attribute to his power.

This is another desert-themed look for my elementalist and my first attempt at a dark-skinned character (though not a Norn). I wanted him to look like a wandering priest or ritualist of sorts. The centrepiece of this look is the the masquerade mask, which resembles a headdress, though more practical and not as flashy as the female version. The chestpiece, leggings, and mantle all contribute to the robed appearance, and the lightweight shoes/sandals complete the look. I used the beaded staff as the weapon because I thought the warm colors suited the desert theme, and also because the beads match the four elements (well, there's no brown for earth, so yellow will have to suffice... or we could just say that the staff itself symbolizes earth!).

Hope you like him!


Fashion Collector
I like the thing you did with the face and the helmet, well done. And some of your screenshots are really good! I particularly like the last of the 4th line :]
2016-04-16 17:57

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I am going to step in line with billy on the face! and your look is not bad at all man
2016-04-16 18:03

Fashion Guru
Great dye work. Nice use of the weapon. Gold!
2016-04-16 18:15

Fashion Collector
Except 'cos I don't have these pants, and Perseverance dye, I've checked the look in-game... and I just can say this: O-M-G!

Really great job!
2016-04-16 18:31

Very good idea about it being desert-themed!
I like that you did choose a black character, personally I prefer white ones (I am white) but I would really love to see more dark skins, to be honest in Kryta in original Guild Wars the people were more like brown skin.

Nice screens aswell! :D
I like it!!
2016-04-16 18:44

Very unique and original character!
I feel like the chest-piece doesnt fit very well since its quite a bit darker dyed and its the only asymmetrical piece.
Other than that he looks very epic, like some sort of shaolin monk :D
The screens are amazing too!!! My favorite is the last pic in the 4th row, it looks so cool!!!!
Gold for you :)
2016-04-16 21:44

This look is really great! I love the dyes so much and the screenshots are awesome.
You've really captured the essence of a sand magician! Gold!
2016-04-17 2:31

Fashion Collector
this look is one for the charts :)
2016-04-17 5:21

Such a great and orginal look! I love everything about it, armor combination, colours and especially screens, masterpiece. Gold! ^_^
2016-04-17 6:04

Elessar Taralom
What a unique concept!
The desert look always felt a bit done to me (cool, but done), but you gave this a wonderful new perspective!
He is a 100% convincing character, the armour mix is spot on and so are the dyes
I love that you made him old and bearded and he is just something so creative and unique!
I adore the use of this staff, it fits in so well here and your screens are outstanding!
This look got me extremely intrigued and I wish I could give more than gold!
2016-04-17 6:39

I love this set of weapons and you nailed it ! It awesome men, big gold for you :)
2016-04-17 6:50

Fashion Guru
wow, this is awesome, so creative!
2016-04-17 8:58

awesome look!
2016-04-17 12:03

I love the masquarade mask here, it's just a perfect hat for your nomad. I also love, that you made the sand-theme colorfull instead of using natural dyes.
Screens are perfect! He looks so cool and authentic.
2016-04-17 16:52

Binny Babbit
Thanks everyone!
2016-04-17 19:59

Fashion Guru
There is not much to say except that this is an amazing work! Perfect use of the mask. Very very very unique character !! Keep up the good work ;p
2016-04-18 9:58

Very original look. Just epic for your elementalist.
Deserves non other than gold ^^
2016-04-20 2:51