Guardian of the Sea

By Elessar Taralom on April 14th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
29 3
4 0
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When you listen closely to the crushing of the waves you might be able to hear a faint song under it. This is the song of Da´Relah, the Guardian of the Sea, who entertains himself during his long and lonely hours of wake. Hidden inside of deep kelp beds this warrior guards his own tribe of mermen with uttermost care.
Often he can be seen dashing through the deep water alongside glittering fish and playful dolphins. But his calm outward appearance shouldn´t trick you into thinking of him as harmless. He is a fierce warrior, trained in many different fighting styles. But as much as he is a warrior, he is also an artist.
His songs can be heard far and wide along coasts and in the deepest breaches of the ocean and he is rumoured to be a great painter as well, but as he rarely leaves the water to walk on land, no one can really tell if the rumours are true. If he is seen on land he is mostly wandering alone, alongside rivers and coastlines. If a traveller approaches him he will happily share his company for a while and sing tales for him from the bottom of the sea where he resides.

Hey guys, I know it hasn´t been long, but I am back with a new look! This look is more or less an updated version of an older look:, but since I changed basically everything besides weapons and shoulders I think a new upload was justified ^^
This time I went with a more natural and plantlike look. I also tried to include some shiny elements with the shoulders and pants. This was acutally my first time using a Luminiscent armour piece anywhere and I thought: if not with this look, where else? :p
His colour palette is supposed to represent the waves and/or kelp with a lot of shades of green, blue and teal ^^
I was really blown away by the helmet and I saw no one used this in a look yet so it was about time! I especially liked the little flipper-like appendages ^^
Weaponwise I tried to keep with the aquatic theme and chose the Fractal weapons, because I liked the shade of them and the mystical aspect of it.
So I hope you enjoy his updated version and this playful approach to a merman!


Fashion Guru
Those screens! :O simply badass! I love the use of the leggings here and your dyes are superb! just take it Elessar ... take all of my gold always lol
2016-04-14 15:47

Woooow! You nailed it, bro! *___*
This is sooo great! Awesome!
The dyes are amazing, all these grenn and blue colors and even some brown ones. The zodiac shoulders and the luminescent leggins are just genius here.
The rifle fits perfect to the look and the mist of the fractal pistols apears like spray form waves.
His face actually looks a bit fish-like xD Love that!
You made the evergreen helmet look like a crown and even without it, his hair looks like some seaplants.
The screens are to dye for!
I bow before you and am utterly amazed :) *bows*
2016-04-14 16:09

Fashion Guru
those dyes blend together so so so well, it looks simply stunning!
the helm gives him a strange and unseen appeal and he has a really pretty face, so photogenic!
2016-04-14 16:10

Binny Babbit
That's one hell of a dye job. You always bring out the best of the sylvari in your looks, especially in terms of their faces.
2016-04-14 17:16

Fashion Guru
This look is just perfect imo. =)
The face is awesome, and the helm goes so well with it.
The colors are so beautiful, and really scream ocean to me... a true merman !
And the armor mix is so on point too : perfect use of zodiac pieces and luminescent leggings which blend so well with your planty armor and colors.
The theme is just so great, and I love both versions ! *-*
2016-04-14 17:20

Elessar Taralom
thank you so much! Sylvari were always the fondest to me since I started playing GW2, so it´s nice to hear that my devotion is noticable in my looks! ^^
2016-04-14 17:33 in reply to Binny Babbit

I like the dyes! And great screenshots!
2016-04-14 17:44

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
if people dont vote this gold they dont have good taste in my eyes. holy shit u nailed it again. the leg blending is my favorite thing. love what u did with that
2016-04-14 17:45

Fashion Guru
^^^ what Kenny said! I love this so much ive gone back and looked at it like 5 times! wish I could vote more than once!
2016-04-14 18:54

Fashion Collector
Interesting you don't see slot of male sylvaris with that face and you made luminescent armor work well in an armor comb, over all a very fresh look, gold.
2016-04-15 0:50

Love him! He almost looking like a fish sylvari with that face. Really authentic!
And the armor is looking like if he is surrounded with algas. Great idea!
As a guardian of the sea i expected some underwater shots, but it's no problem. because your land screenshots are really great aswell. ;)
Gold ;)
2016-04-15 2:05

Elessar Taralom
Thanks so much, silvertree!
You are right about the water shots, I thought about making some, but I remembered how tedious it was last time, so I shyed away from it ^^"
If I find time to screen some more I´ll add one or two!
2016-04-15 5:33 in reply to silvertree

I simply love this, this has to be one of the best dye jobs on this whole site
2016-04-15 5:50

When will your mix stop being that amazing ? I love what you did here, the colors, the screens, the weapons, everything fits so well your theme. A big gold from under the sea ! ;)
2016-04-15 6:08

Elessar Taralom
Never! >:D
Thanks so much for the kind comment! ^^
2016-04-15 6:09 in reply to Pattou

Fashion Collector
I'm not really a fan of the aqua looks in general (at least none made my jaw drop....yet) but I have to admit this looks rather good. The armors parts match along with the dyes which is rather challenging considering you had multiple armor parts with their respective textures. The part that I simply can't force myself to like is the chest and the dyes due to the texture of the armor. The screens are very good although I feel you could have squeezed at least one underwater , seeing as this looks has that aqua theme. The description is spot on. I must add that you really did something unique with that face , usually I can't stand how other people make it , which is a plus. Overall you managed to fish the Gold outta me with the great effort you put into this look! :D
2016-04-15 11:23

Amazing colour-scheme!
Rarely used face, set into the right light!
Amazing use of luminescent armor!
Stunningly beautiful screens!
Hylek out o/
2016-04-15 12:14

Fashion Guru
Love! Gold!
2016-04-15 13:24

Fashion Guru
Oooomg I looove this merman sooo much! I already loved the other version of your Engi and I really adore this look, as well!
Again you created a wonderful look the armour mix looks very good and I love the headpiece it's very rarely seen (which I don't understand because it's really beautiful!). It works so well together with the face you used like it's already a part of his head.
The dyes are very very very very awesome! For real it looks amazing especially on the chestpiece.
I love the weapon- choices you made and those screens are more than just perfect.
Gold, Gold, Goold!!
2016-04-16 7:53

After your first aquatic look thought I've seen best stylization in this theme and now you came up with this one.
You took this theme in totally different side but with excatly the same effect- great look.
I even didn't know there is so many aquatic-theme place in LA :o
2016-04-17 5:52

Fashion Guru
I really like how this outfit is clearly sylvari, but approaches various parts of it creatively. Specifically, the zodiac shoulders and the luminescent pants added to the blue scheme in a surprisingly natural way.
2016-04-17 18:55

Fashion Collector
2016-05-22 18:21