Curious Bunny

By Kaida on April 13th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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This is Kaida Dash, my druid. I've been playing around with her look for quite awhile but couldn't seem to find anything I really liked until now


Fashion Guru
this is sadly really messy :/
I don´t feel like any of the armour pieces go together really well without a story behind it; like it is now the bunny ears and shoulders just feel slapped on for the sake of having them in there
the dyes are really weird as well; all black and then this colourful pants with the green thrown in....
not to mention that your presentation is subpar; maybe make this a help wanted look first
2016-04-14 4:18

Elessar Taralom
I have to agree with thunderstruck sadly, it feels a bit thrown together
You have these beautiful guild pants, so I´d rather create a look around that instead of focusing too much on Winter´s presence or the bunny ears
For dyes I would definitely drop this green and red and stay on the blue/teal side as this matches your hair the best
Switch out the carapace coat for smth more natural looking and you already have a good look with these pants and gloves!
2016-04-14 5:46

Fashion Collector
Sorry, but I can't get more bunny outfits.
2016-04-14 19:21

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
i dont think the bunny ears go well with anything. they are fun. but not for styling. but thats my opinion tho
2016-04-15 9:34

I'm not looking for help with the outfit you guys, my ranger is pretty to me, and because she's pretty, I added her to my characters.... calm down lol. Bunny ears, winter's presence and the dyes are staying as is ^^
2016-04-15 21:11

ona o
Title matches the result...
2019-04-30 21:56