Timescapes Dreamer

By Warrioress on April 12th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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2 8
2 0
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Trisana has always loved the night sky, for when she awoke the stars were the first things she saw and ever since others say you can see the sparkle of far off lights in her eyes.
She gained the name Airshadow on completing her mastery in illusion magic, many sylvari in her homeland question whether it is Trisana or her shadows they often see flitting through the night.

A dreamer at heart and often secretive Trisana generally keeps to herself studying late into the day and emerging at night to test her new discoveries in the darkest hours. Though she may come across as often aloof her few friends(for she chooses who to let close with much care) know her to be often playful and mischievous much like the skritt she has formed a loyal partnership with.
Recently she has spent much time in the depths of Mordremoth's territory studying the twisting curling lines that are time itself.

A lover of beautiful places and a keeper of many secrets Trisana has and always will be a mystery to those who met her.

Trisana Airshadow was my second ever character and though i found mesmer slightly tricky to get the hang of i have come to love her and the chronomancer elite is just awesome. Ever since i saw the daydreamer's wings and then the weapon skins i knew i had to get them and eventually i did.
This look first developed when Trisana was about level 20 or so and she crafted the embroidered pants just to get some better armor and i knew that they'd be in her endgame look from then on, then came the winged gloves i almost went with the winged pants but they didn't suit her personality. The laystone top was the choice after i first previewed it as i like the style and it left her arms bare so her glow was more visible. The dyes are worked around contrasting with her skin, matching her glow and matching the daydreamer's skins.


This is a cool look! It all works together really well! The daydreamer weapons match nicely, and the look isn't so flashy as to be ridiculous. This is a solid style!
2016-04-12 13:02

Fashion Guru
This is really well done.
2016-04-13 11:25

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Try using a more soft gold color to match those daydream weapons. and show us which dyes u have used and the rest of your armor so we can rate u better ;)
2016-04-15 9:51

I use the orange to match her glow, i've tried many different shades and this is the one i'm happiest with. Lol, yes, i keep meaning to add the dyes never remember when I'm in game.
2016-04-16 8:59 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

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