Reversed Rituals

By Potman on April 10th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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Approximatley 26 years ago the Pale Tree sprouted and the Firstborn awoke.
One of these humanoid creatures were different from the others he rose from his seed later than the rest, and when he finally opened his eyes, he could not see.
As he learned the teachings of Ventari he soon started to act strange, almost as he was possessed....
No one remembers his name.
He was banished to the Mist for a crime no sylvari dare to mention and for long he has been forgotten.

The Firstborn learned to see beyond, unneeding of his eyes, and found his chance to escape when a strange rift opened when a Charr came crashing down, chasing a flaming sword.

He rose from the Mist, a place just like death, unable to escape once your are trapped, but he, the Revenant were to be feared for that.

He traveled the lands in disguise, and later saw potential in the Human god of Winter and Death, Grenth...
He studied necromancy in a cave filled with bats, but he could not learn the powerful magic as he was too weak to control Tyrian magic.

But he soon realized that he still had powers from the Mist and he could channel them to perform devastating attacks in speed and accuracy like noone before him.
He drew powers from long lost legends, gaining knowledge and power along the way.

Through the years he has learned to craft weapons with legendary powers,
A sword that controls the lightning itself
An axe that can bring down the entire cosmos
And a hammer, so powerful that it turns the wielder into solid metal.
He has also mastered the art of Phase Traversal, making him one with the Mist and able to enter different Fractals of the Mists, a place where time stands still and he can intefere with important events in Tyrian history....


Okay i tried to make a story for my revenant, not the best idea since he uses weapons way too shiny for his character, but i really liked how this set came out. Tried to mix and match myself and think outside the box of "Shadow abyss blobs" as you see most characters with legendaries be.


I really don't like the hood on him, it feels a bit off in my opinion. Maybe you should change the weapons too (I know you have legendaries) because they don't fit the dark (side) theme of your character and add to many effects, there's already the bats, no need to add more.
But it's good anyway, the screens are good (the sky is awesome) and the look is original.
2016-04-11 5:32