Rogue Cleric

By zellurs on April 8th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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0 9
1 0
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This is a relatively new character. I wanted an unconventional looking Daredevil and I'm happy with the results. I don't see many darkskinned Norn around(much less, Norn Thieves) and decided to go from there. I think the tattoos came out really well with regards to the gold on the outfit and wings as well.


Fashion Collector
Please add what armor and dyes you are using, some more screens would be nice also. Especially take screens from character select so we can really see your character.
2016-04-08 22:20

Elessar Taralom
I agree with Twigz, some more attention to the presentation would be great
Because from what I can see at the moment armour and dye wise, she looks amazing!
With the dark skin, your tattoos and the shoulder piece she looks incredible, like an African princess of sorts, if you really present this well, this would be an absolute GOLD for me, since I adore what I am seeing right now, I´d just like more of it!
2016-04-09 5:24

The look is absolutely amazing from what i can see already!
Ill echo Twigz and Elessar though, some more screens and armor/dye-specification would be much appreciated!
Also, why did you cut off you char-select screen? It could show us the whole armor quite well, let us see the full screen :P
With a bit more effort in presentation this would become hyper Gold!
2016-04-09 11:56

Fashion Collector
I like this :)
2016-04-09 18:34