The Pink Witch

By jesandsteven on April 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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20 5
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They say she came from the deserts. None are really sure which one. They say she comes from an affluent family, but no family accompanies her in Divinity's Reach. She appears to be well off, but none know how she came about the wealth. The hierarchy speak ever so fondly of her, yet they have only met her.
She is a beautifully exotic witch, with a peculiar fascination for the color pink. Everything from her home to her hair is pink, thus quickly earning her the nickname The Pink Witch.
Upon moving to Divinity's Reach, Asthores developed a glowing reputation with the elite of the city. She appears to them as a charming, well educated, socialite that spends her days studying the magic of Central Tyria. At night she quickly becomes the center of attention at any gathering she attends, on the guest list or not.
There is however another, less than savory side to the Reach, that is getting to know Asthores as well. There is whisper among the thieves, and those that say she has been seen in accompaniment of some of the more eccentric wizards of the city. What they are all unaware of is her true powers, and her less than ethical rise to wealth. One thing they all may learn is , cross her and the last thing you will see will be The Hounds...

So, I have always enjoyed the masquerade armor, but never been brave enough to use it. I have also always wanted to do a pink character, but they always come out so unnatural. For this look I already had the armor pieces in mind, and then took days cycling through different pink-ish dye combinations, until I tried the current dye combo and loved it. She had a very dark hair color from my last 2 looks, so I knew that had to be changed. I didn't really want to spend to do a full body makeover, again, so I had to go with shades that fit her already very tan skin tone and golden eyes. It just so happened there is a hair color that goes quite well with the peach dye. I chose the weapon for it's simplicity and the same tones of gold. And thus a look was made.
I know there is nothing earth shattering about the armor combo or dye selections, but I loooove how she turned out, and hope that she may inspire someone else.


Gold! she looks mesmerizing!
2016-04-06 21:27

Shes stunningly beautiful!
The armor comb might not be the most original one, but your colour-concept is ultra pretty and the screens are absolutely amazing!
Peach + charred is soooo pretty!
This is how you turn a simple comb with quite standardized armor-pieces into a Gold-look!
2016-04-06 21:55

Elessar Taralom
The armour mix is quite standard, but the rest of your look isnĀ“t! The dyes are great, just such a warm and original mix
And your presentation is flawless!
Take my gold ^^
2016-04-07 3:32

Love the story!
She looks so pretty with the peach hair and the dark skin.
Love the dyes, they make theses armor pieces special again.
Gold! :)
2016-04-07 5:12

I just can repeat what the others said.
Simple armor, but great colors and beautiful screenshots. Gold. :)
2016-04-07 5:19

Agree with comments above ^^ your dye scheme got my heart :D also I love top right screen most :D gold for you :)
2016-04-07 6:58

Fashion Collector
As you said the armor is nothing special but everything else is very unique. Nobody that I saw managed to use any of the pink dyes the way you did , I simply love how the dyes complement your characters skin and hair color and I can definitely appreciate that you didn't use a total make over kit , as making dyes work around your character is tricky and time consuming in my experience. I'm fairly surprised how the screenshots are varied considering you took them in one location, I especially love how the last screen turned out.
Have my gold ! :)
2016-04-08 15:48

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much for all the kind comments. I'm glad you all like her
2016-04-08 17:28