By Ulf01 on April 6th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
3 12
0 0
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Hey , I just tried to do something metalic, realistic and beautiful , what do you think about my Guardian ? :D


Elessar Taralom
The armour mix in itself looks really good, like a functional armour without being too bulky or gigantic ^^
Personally it could do without the mask for me
Dyes are simple but fit your purpose
Only complaint I have is the presentation; you should at least specify your armour and dyes
IF you really want a decent voting you should also invest a bit more time into screens and description
This would be a gold look for me if you fix these little details ^^
2016-04-06 18:11

I'll try but I can't I have a bad level in english so I can't do a good description .. :/
2016-04-07 3:35

I agree with Elessar. The look itself works great and I love the dyes.
Just a bit more work on the presentation :)
What language do you speak? Maybe you could ask a nice person to help you with the description? ;)
2016-04-07 5:03

Your Guardian's previous look was already nice, but this one is even better ! Maybe just ad a little hint of red on the shoulders, idk, to justifiy the red on the gloves ? And yeah, find someone to translate (could be me, french speaker), your post would make a good use of a description, it's the only slider missing to make this silver a gold !
2016-04-07 8:45

I love it! Lacks a bit of Screens tho. :P
The look itselfs is amazing tho, male norns always make a hard time:) Gold from me
2016-04-07 11:19

I'm french too ! Thank everyone :D
2016-04-07 12:44

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