Cernunna - She Who Carries The Forest

By Elessar Taralom on April 3rd, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
40 6
3 0
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Ancient legends of the Norn talk about a horned god. Deep in the forests, where the leaves rustle the loudest, she can be seen walking among the wild creatures of the forest. Even though she doesn´t look like one of them, in their hearts they know that the essence of what she is isn´t far from them at all. Her wrath slashes down upon those who mistreat nature ad even though she is calm most of the time, in her enraged emotions she can destroy entire villages. She carries the forest on her back - the very essence of her domain lies in the miniature version she carries around with her at all times. Disturb the ponds and waves will rise, pluck a leaf and entire trees might lose every piece of green they have on them.
Cernunna is rarely seen in manmade cities, behind walls of stone, but if she blesses the people with her appearance, they better fall to their knees.

Hey guys, I wanted to share my Norn Guard with you! I wanted to create a more lore-true Norn (at least optical) and this is my attempt at it! My goal was a shamanlike look, but instead of taking the obvious route and go Light armour, I decided to try around with heavy armour instead!
The helmet was the centrepiece of my look, because I just adore the majestic nature of this piece and so I build the rest around it. The shoulders felt like the best option to make it look less heavy; same reason why I tried to keep her a bit more "naked" and not heavily plated. I got a great Celtic vibe from both gloves and legs and I didn´t want to rely too heavily on cultural pieces as this would have felt a bit done to me.
The boots were kind of a stretch, but I felt that they looked like bones and I especially love that they show the skin at the back. I didn´t want to incorporate too much fur into the look as this is more of a shaman/god than it is a classic Norn look (where fur would have been mandatory).
Cernunnos btw is an actual Celtic god and was a major inspiration for this look!
The backpiece was actually the major holdback and why this look didn´t go online earlier. I really wanted it with my look, because it was so fitting, but it took a while to craft. I think it was worth the wait though ^^
Weapons are mostly nature and/or Norn related!
I hope you enjoy my goddess!

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WOW, I love celtic mythology and this is just sooo on point, I am blown away by how pretty this is, doesn´t even look like heavy armour!
2016-04-03 13:46

Fashion Guru
She is absolutely stunning! The armour looks just so great on her I simply adore the headpiece and the shoulders they are a match made in heaven to your look! The whole story is really nice and well told by a perfect choice of weapons and especially the backpiece which is on point!
I love the dyes they are representing the whole forest theme quite well and the screesn are as perfect as always!
I can't help myself but giving you all the Gold I have- take it!!
2016-04-03 13:55

The screens are so nice and fit her theme spot on!
Her whole story and myth is such a cool theme and idea, amazingly done!
I think ive never seen a look with this backpiece, let alone such a great one!
Im gonna plant a tree right away ;D
2016-04-03 14:00

She is sooooo beautifull!
Screens are amazing, story is great, armor is simple but perfect and the dyes work to 100%.
What else should I say? :)
2016-04-03 14:10

Very nice mix as usual ! I'm not sure about the pants, but what else could you put ? I have no idea ._.
Pretty dyes and great screens, once again it's a gold ! ;)
2016-04-03 15:25

Elessar Taralom
Thanks for your nice comment!
I had the T2 armour in mind, but as I said, I felt these had a kinda celtic vibe to it, so I went with them ^^
2016-04-03 15:31 in reply to Pattou

As a mythology nerd (and someone who loves lore-fitting characters), I approve! Gold!
2016-04-03 15:57

The screenshots and the dyes are really really amazing!
2016-04-03 16:01

Fashion Guru
wow, amazing look! I think I never saw that helmet being used so well! you rock, mate
2016-04-03 16:08

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
finally we get to see her ^^ awesome screens;)
2016-04-03 18:41

Elessar Taralom
yess, it was the first thing I did when I came back home: taking screens! ^^
2016-04-03 18:42 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

She is such a perfect and beautiful goddess!
The pieces and weapons you chose are so fitting to the theme. Same for the dyes! It all looks very natural, and I love the celtic aspect too :)
Perfect use of this helmet, this is one of my favorites in the game !^^
It's so nice to finally see this backpiece in a look, he looks so nice and suitable to your goddess and story which is also very nice!
No need to say I love your screens, because they always look so beautiful ;)
Gold !!
2016-04-03 18:46

Fashion Collector
1st screen on 1st row and 2nd screen on the 2nd row got me like :O . I also love the bow screens. Love this look and the weapons you decided to choose to go with it. Get another gold.
2016-04-03 19:03

Fashion Collector
You really nailed the Celtic vibe, everything looks awesome with the exception of the boots. In my opinion they look pretty scrawny and uncomfortable. Still you deserve Gold and a E rating for effort ! Great work ! :)
2016-04-03 21:32

The theme just fits perfectly to a Norn! Really good looking armour and the screens are amazing as always :D
2016-04-04 5:29

What a beautiful norn woman! I love the screenshots in the forrest. She is absolutly authentic! And the dyes are so lovely.
Good better best! :D
2016-04-04 5:36

Fashion Collector
For someone who loves the ancient mythology, specially the celtic one, this is a pure gold.
2016-04-04 7:56

Love the norn barbarian feel. Blending that back piece with the attire blew me away. gold. ^^
2016-04-04 9:27

I personally dont like it if you are a heavy armor class and you go melee mode and there is so much of you skin free but this is just a good mix!
Love it, especially the screens! Holy moly! Pure Gold :)
2016-04-04 13:21

Elessar Taralom
Haha, fashion can´t always be considerate of practicability :P
2016-04-04 13:33 in reply to Vendson

Fashion Guru
2016-04-04 14:57

Fashion Guru
weird the rest of my comment didnt get posted :3 As I said you deserve gold based on your screens alone, shes beautiful but brazen. I LOVE IT!
2016-04-04 14:58

Elessar Taralom
well that first comment already uttered all the excitement it needed to! xD thanks for your comment, Norn are just naturally photogenic ^^
2016-04-04 15:10 in reply to Purgatori

Awesome! I love her story and the screenshots! Well done. :)
2016-04-05 23:38

wow the markings on the face is spot on! This is one of the few body/face markings where I feel it all comes together. She exudes a powerful and beautiful feel. I love especially the first screen in the first row! Gold!
2016-04-05 23:50

And we have debut of Bough of Melandru :D
I really admire your fresh mind and cleverness. Instead of using light/medium character to spirit nature look you came with heavy one and make them look even better then some druid could look like. (same as on previous look). And this everything with perfect screens ^^
Personally I would go for different green dye, but it doesn't change my love for your look :)
2016-04-06 7:18

Elessar Taralom
thank you so much for your awesome comment, it´s great to see someone like you appreciating my work!
What green would you have gone for? Just curious ^^
2016-04-06 7:51 in reply to morriganiontko

I would go for Grape Leaf, think it would fork for warm GEMFX presets you are running :) However your choice is more natural I think ^_^
and of course, I'm big fan of your looks and really admire your creativity :3
2016-04-06 16:06 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Collector
love almost evething in her except the back
2016-05-22 18:26

Nice look! Reminds me of the Forsworn from Skyrim.
2017-01-14 19:47