Desert Bandit Engineer

By Humacunala on April 2nd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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10 12
0 0
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My sole choice of character for running through Dry Top. :)


I like him! :)
You made a solid desert look. I love the backpiece here, it fits perfectly. The metal parts of the gloves make him look a bit warrior-like :)
Gold from me!
2016-04-02 15:37

A cohesive and fitting set of armor. Dyes are simple and dusty, along with the mortar kit and krytan weapons adding that rustic feel.
Screenshots offer different perspectives, and aren't overzealous. Just showing off a set for what it is. Effective and straightforward. I like it!
2016-04-02 15:38

I'd have changed the scarf for something else, I don't know what but the scarf looks very warm so it doesn't fit in my opinion.
Anyway the colors are great and the screens good !
2016-04-02 15:38

Fashion Collector
Definitely a distinct look, the armor parts match exactly and the look as a whole feels like part of an armor set , the dyes are spot on along with screenshots that complement the vibe of the look.
Take my gold :)
2016-04-02 18:31

Your engineer and my engineer should team up! We could make a desert ops squad heheh.

I love it, love the cinematic shots. Gold =)
2016-04-03 12:57

Fashion Guru
Pure gold!
2016-04-04 13:17

I love the Mix! But what scratches the look imo is the coloring of the scarf!
Apart from that amazing mix and good screens! :P Gold from me
2016-04-04 13:26