The Trophy Hunter

By Vendson on March 31st, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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4 3
2 0
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Once upon the time, the dragonchampion Glint chose a champion herself: Frey Halfhand, better known as the Trophy Hunter. Imbued with Glints might and magic Halfhand was one to stand against the dark threats within Tyria. The Hunt was onto her. Originally sent of to face the champions of Jormag, she got mighty artifacts into her hands. With her axe Frostfang, infused with the deadly coldtouch of Jormags followers, and the Breath of Jormag himself, a mighty sword which was as beautiful as deadly, she made off to fight Glints foes. Yet the moment was to come, when she realized that the power Glint gave her was tiny compared to what trophies of her foes would do to her. With the iron will to grow more powerful she wandered off. Every now and then people hear stories about her:"She Killed a beast with claws bigger then a humans head" "She wanders the murky fens with the head of the creature itselfs". Although many rumors based on Halfhands deeds are in peoples minds, she never stays long enough to talk about her adventures. Her armor made of the remains of her foes and reinforced by Frey herself is frighting for foes and friends alike, nothing and no one wants to get in her way.

Heyho everyone:^). This is just my second look here sooo.. Well i guess you can see my idea. I wanted to create something which looks like the armor is made out of the remains of the Characters foe. if you got any ideas for me to improve in any way, id be glad to hear them:) Just some annotations.. Uuuhm if some armor parts dont fit the others 100% that didnt bother me because it was meant to be like its from different monsters. I guess thats not a reason for everything bad but just so you know..
Have fun, hope you enjoy!


Elessar Taralom
very interesting look and great screens!
2016-03-31 14:31

Thanks! Im not to experienced with it yet, but i hope i can get some better mixes in the future!
2016-04-01 13:35 in reply to Elessar Taralom