Ghostly Hero

By myziri on March 30th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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1 8
1 0
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Been meaning to change my warrior out of his full mistward armor for a while now. So I decided I would try an ethereal look! I'm not too sure on the breastplate because of the clipping with the sword (when stowed) and the Fractal Capacitor, but I found the sheen from metal armor in HoT is different from most of the armors from core. This is also my first time using the Royal Ascalonian Greatsword; in the past I didn't really like the look, but I feel like it fits this combo nicely. :D


I think you made a pretty neat look here :)
Dyes are great, the metal looks like metal and you have these nice small blue details on chest and leggins. The shine of the sword, mask, scarlet parts and the backpiece fits also well together.
It's a gold from me :)
2016-03-30 9:24

I like the dyes but there's something off about the scarlet parts. The glow is awesome but their blunt and simple design is too different from the rest of the ornate and angled pieces imo. Otherwise, it looks cool!
2016-03-30 22:09

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